Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura brainwashes Meera against Ahem that he insulted and disowned her for Vidya and Gopi and Vidya came back here to take revenge from her. Meera reminisces Vidya slapping her. Gaura continues that Vidya insulted her and Dharam in front of her and she kept silent. Meera goes to Vidya’s room angrily, sees her crying seeing family pic, and shouts how dare she is to insult Gaura and Dharam. Vidya realizes that Gaura must have brainwashed her and says Gaura and Dharam are her elders and she cannot think of insulting them, but if someone insults and betrays her family, she will not keep quiet.

Meera shouts her family betrayed Gaura’s family instead and they are betrayers. Vidya says she is also her family member and di/sister. Meera shouts she is her saas and not di. Vidya smilingly says di di di. Meera shouts with high pitch saas saas saas. Vidya says she is her di and not saas. Meera says that is what di and not saas and then realizes her mistake and says whatever it is, she is her saas and not di. Shravan enters and asks how dare she is to shout at Vidya. Meera shouts at him to stay away. He says she should instead. Vidya says it is between her and her sister and he should not interfere.

Kokila asks Gopi to go to her room and rest. Ahem enters and says now he knows what is happening.

Shravan sees injury on vidya’s hand and gets concerned. Vidya asks not to touch her. Durga holds her and says she will apply her medicine and takes her in. Gaura says Dharam that Durga is showing a lot of concern on Vidya. Dharam asks if he should do something. Gaura says not to, else Shravan will go from here. Meera gets more jealous and shouts at Shravan to not stare at her. He says why should he and she should be in her limits. Once Shravan leaves, Gaura brainwashes Meera again and suggests if she tortures Durga, Shravan will feel pain.

Dharam asks Gaura what is she planning. She tells that she will use tikhi mirchi Meera and take revenge from Kokila. He says they can easily manipulate her and challenges that Meera will never go back to her parents. Gaura says she saw her crying when she insulted her father and grandma, so even if she has 10% love for them, she will go, so they have to manipulate her so much and fill poison in her mind against Modi’s that she would be will do anything.

Ahem tells family that Gopi pushed Vidya into a fight which is not hers and forced her to feel Gaura and Dharam’s torture and challenges every day. Gopi starts shedding tears as usual.

Precap: Ahem says if anything happens to Vidya, he will not spare Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow i like gaura’s negative role??????????

  2. It is because of these storylines and plot that this serial has the highest TRP. So stop calling this serial stupid.

  3. So again ahem will hate gopi?? Huh dont have any other idea? Except getting ahem and gopi far? ?
    Ko killa says meri gopi bahu gopi says meri maa ji and ahem hates her! revolving round and round ?

  4. fantastic episode
    now a few people will come here n put their frustration here sns is bad crap blah blah]
    it is attraction of this serial that a people will see this serial daily n write negative comment like show bekar h uneducate people like this serial oh god sns kamal ka h
    god save from these mindless people
    sns is fantastic serial

  5. i like this episode….Ahem…please try to understand the situation.. going on..

  6. Now he will hate gopi his wife for Gaura mistake wow ahem ji

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