Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi takes out Radha’s clothes and jewelry and cries remembering her and how she got killed by her. She continues shedding tears and looking at her and Radha’s pic tells even after 10 years, she cannot forgive herself. She says she warned her many times to mend herself, but she did not listen her. Kokila comes and says she did not do any mistake and punished Radha instead for her mistake, so she should think it as bad dream and forget about it. she says she cannot forget it and because of it she lost her husband and children and cannot tell her children the truth. Radha is not between them and she does not want anyone hating her. Kokila asks her to forget and keep the box in. Mansi hears their whole conversation and thinks of her evil plan. She thinks she will use Gopi’s 10-year-old mistake and will provoke Ahem and children against Gopi and will finally marry Ahem.

Tolu/molu tell Vidya and Meera they should stop investigating Gopi’s past. Vidya says she wants to know the truth at any cost.

Mansi comes to Gopi’s room and asks her to go out so that she can clean the room. Gopi says she worked since morning and does not have to work more. Mansi insists and sends her out. She thinks she will not clean the floor and picks Radha’s box from cupboard. She then calls Vidya and tells her family is forcing her to clean house and mop floor since morning, so she is tired and needs her help. Vidya says she will come there right now. Meera asks what happened. Vidya says Mansi is forced to mop floor. Meera gets irked and tries to walk out to confront Gopi and Kokila, but Tolu stops her. Vidya asks her to stay there while she goes there.

Mansi acts as cleaning ceiling fan and Urmila yells at her. Vidya comes and Urmila says she got a new servant. Vidya asks her to go in. Mansi says she has to to clean Gopi’s room floor yet and says since many days she is noticing Gopi picking a box and crying look at its items. She then asks her to go and clean floor as her backing is hurting. Vidya agrees.

Vidya enters Gopi’s room, picks box and starts checking each item. She finds Radha’s pics and thinks why it is kept in box. She gets police department letter and starts crying reading it. She goes to Modi bhavan and gives letter to Meera. Meera reads Radha’s letter in which she alleges Gopi for snatching her happiness and spoiling her life and alleges Gopi instead for all the mistakes she did. She continues that Jigar raped her and her child is Ahem’s. She continues that Gopi and her family tortured her and wants her child’s custody and is fearful that Gopi will kill her.

Precap: Tolu tells he does not believe in Radha’s letter and knows Gopi is clean. Meera says she will prove it and reads internet news that industrialist Ahem’s wife Gopi killed her sistger Radha.

Update Credit to: MA

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