Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sees Pari’s facebook pic of Manali and identifies that she is holding the same bag which she gave it to Meethi. She calls Meethi and asks her to bring that bag. Once she brings it, Gopi says the bag Pari is holding is new one and this one is old. Ahem still is not convinced. Kokila asks Jigar if she has Pari’s old pics. Jigar says Pari had backed up her pics in my laptop. They see Pari’s same pic on her Shimla trip. Radha on the other side calls Vivan and asks if Pari is in Manali. He says he is with her and he used technology. Kokila says though Vivan is thinking we are fools and playing games with us, we are not and we will finish his game.

Jigar calls Vivan and says they now believe Pari left house herself and they unnecessarily doubted him. Kokila also apologizes him and says they cannot inform about it to Mr. Mehta as he would be hurt, she wants him to come home and take Pari’s bags. He says he will come in the evening and says Pari’s dad is blind in his daughter’s love and will go to any extent to prove his daughter right. Radha hears whole conversation and is surprised seeing Modi’s changed tone.

Urmila and Kinjal start fighting over Urmila’s arrest. Dhaval asks them to stop fighting and says he wanted to rest, but seeing their fight, he cannot rest even at home. Kinjal says she will get him tea at his room. He says he does not need tea and angrily walks out leaving Kinjal sad.

Vivan comes to Modi bhavan. Jigar apologizes for doubting him. Gopi says devarji is telling right, they should not have believed Pari at all. Hetal also says same. Vivan records their conversation. Kokila thinks Vivan is getting into their trap easily. Jigar says Pari did not love him or his children at all. Radha is surprised to see Modi’s sudden changed tone towards Pari.

Kokila says we will know about people’s true colors when we are in trouble. Gopi says she is right and they came to know Pari’s true colors when they were in trouble. Kokila gives Pari’s bag and asks Vivan to take it from there. Meera and Vidya bring kite and says Pari made this and wanted to fly on Makar Sankrantri with Jigar. Gopi says it does not have any value in our house and throws it from window. Vivan watches where it falls carefully. He goes and keeps Pari’s bag in dickie. Radha calls him and asks not to believe Modi’s. He says she is jealous of him and cuts call. He then picks kite and thinks he will fly it on Makar Sankranti with Pari. Kokila shows it to Ahem and asks if now he believes Vivan has kidnapped Pari. Gopi says hope this kite relays our message to Pari.

Vivan comes to Pari and removes bandage from her mouth. She asks him to leave her. He says Modi’s don’t love her and only he loves, he plays Modi’s recorded confessions and makes her hear. Pari gets sad hearing that. He says he got a surprise for her, shows kite and says Meera told you wanted to fly it with Jigar saying whichever couples fly kite on festival are united for all their lives. He says Jigar hates her though. She thinks why did Meera tell this. Vivan says he loves her a lot and will take care of her his whole life and leaves from there. Pari thinks Modi’s sent this kite with some purpose, but does not find anything special on it.

Precap: Pari switches off light remembering Kokila’s words of using darkness to find out truth. She sees a scribble by Modi’s that they are with her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. is radha is really pregnant

  2. hey this show was just going boring but after this epi I dont think like that

  3. Wow, Mr.Writer u r so intelligent, that’s why i just love this show. I hppe it goes on for another 1 year.

    1. donot be foool one another year
      then what will they show?????

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