Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tripti will be worried that umang’s ghost might be in modi bhawan and then walks off to her room from kitchen. Gopi says rashi that tripti isnt getting scared. Rashi says she has another plan in which they can scare her. At rajpal nagar, kinjal – urmi will be watching kids playing with kites and madhu worried sits on the stairs thinking. Radha calls madhu and says umang’s ghost is trying to talk to her and rashi has heard his voice as well on mobile. Urmi hears this and gets scared. Madhu says radha that she would come there and meet her, Madhu hangs on the call. Kinjal scares urmi that umang’s ghost might have come to take revenge on his killer. In this process he might kill her as well.

At modi bhawan, all modis gather

in open area to fly kites. Rashi requests jigar to fly a kite and jigar agrees. Koki asks radha to start over her life again. But radha goes to gopi and scolds her that she is enjoying festivals though she has killed her husband. Radha leaves from there angrily. Koki gives a sign to rashi, rashi throws a kite on tripti. Tripti finds some message on the kite, “Be careful because I am here”. Tripti reads it and says herself that its impossible and walks off from there. Koki will be happy that their plan is getting success.

At rajpal nagar, urmi will be worried that umang’s ghost might catch her and stay back. At modi bhawan, Koki will be worried that tripti isnt afraid yet. Rashi says in her next plan jigar or ahem should become umang’s ghost. Here ahem gets a call from their lawyer that before gopi gets bail she has to go to jail at least once. Koki says rashi – gopi that there is a person who can help them to become umang’s ghost. Koki calls dhaval and says that tripti is umang’s killer and requests him to act as umang’s ghost. Rashi and gopi also request him to help them. Dhaval agrees. Dhaval leaves to modi bhawan.

At modi bhawan, rashi finds a remote car and gets a plan. madhu comes to modi bhawan. Radha says umang’s ghost has come to modi bhawan to take revenge on the killer. Madhu says that umang’s ghost would take revenge on real killer only. Tripti gets worried and says ghosts doesnt exist. Madhu and urmi says they would stay here for tonight. Suddenly power cuts by rashi. Gopi screams and all the ladies rush upstairs. Gopi says everyone that she has seen umang’s ghost. Radha says he has come to take revenge on her. Tripti scolds radha. All of them go to read hanuman chalisa at mandir and go downstairs. Tripti will be tensed whether umang’s ghost truly exist. She thinks of lighting a candle and walks inside, she finds two candles moving towards her. Tripti gets scared and rushes into her room. Rashi stops the remote car and shows koki that her plan has worked.

Koki – rashi – gopi will be hiding aside in the room and will be recording. But there will be 3 ghosts scaring tripti. Koki and rashi wonders who are these 2 other ghosts scaring tripti.

Update Credit to: Soujanya

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