Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2014 Written Update

Baa says Jignesh/Jigar is a very lively boy and can stay in the house. Kokila says though he is lively, he cannot stay in this house. She says she will get her sister Jigna/Rashi get married soon and Jignesh has to arrange the marriage. Rashi gets hurt. Kokila asks Radha to bring bandage and asks Rashi/Jigna to go to her room.

Dhaval is tensed and remembers threats calls from the goons. He gets a call from the goon who asks him not to be oversmart.

Hetal tries to console Rashi that she will not let Kokila arrange her marriage. Gopi brings food for Rashi and says we have to plan something and get Kokila’s memory back and says she has a plan.

Dhaval goes to a restaurant. Restaurant owner asks what does he need. Dhaval says Kallu bhai called

him. Owner asks him to go inside and start the work.

Radha meets Tripthi and asks sorry for coming late. Tripthi says it is okay and asks what happened. Radha says Kokila has lost her memory and thinks her as her old servant Mani. She is so frustrated that she wants to run from that house.

Parag comes to room and asks Kokila what is she ready. Kokila says good you came and asks him to read the matrimonial column. He asks why. She says she wants a groom for Jigna/Rashi.

Tripthi asks Radha how is Meera. Radha says she is worried that Meera will remember her past. Tripthi says she was just 2 years old and cannot remember her past. Radha says he is worried that she will call her Meera by mistake instead of Gauri. Dhaval sees Radha asks meets her. Radha asks Tripthi to hide her face. She says Dhaval she came to meet her friend Palak. Dhaval says he came for lunch and asks her to have food with her friend and goes from there. Tripthi says Radha that we should also leave now and says hope Kokila does not get her memory back.

Hetal asks Kokila to come with her to the verandah to bring the chilles kept for drying. Kokila says she has kept Mani and Meethi for this work. Hetal says if we think like that chillies will be spoilt. Kokila agrees and goes with Hetal.

Dhaval bring truck with alcohol bottles to the goons as they asked him. One goon says he is the one who got arrested our friend. They start beating Dhaval. Just then police come and save Dhaval. They arrest the goons. Dhaval sees money on the the floor and in the bag and picks them.

Raashi says Gopi looks like her plan will be successfull this time. Gopi starts washing Ahem’s laptop. Kokila comes and sees that. She goes into flashback where Gopi washed Ahem’s laptop once. Gopi puts the latop on wire to dry it. Hetal scolds Gopi for washing the laptop with water. Whole family start scolding Gopi. Hetal says how will Ahem work on the laptop now and asks if she knows what she did. Ahem comes and tries to interfere, but Parag holds him. Kokila goes and checks the laptop and asks what is laptop. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Kokila asks Hetal if it is Ahem’s toy, why is she angry, Ahem will get another toy. She says Gopi is their guest and why is she scolding the guest. She then says she is feeling lightheaded and will go to her room.

Kokila asks Gopi not to feel back about Hetal’s words and goes from there. Everyone are sad that their plan did not work and go from there. Ahem angrily sees at Gopi and asks her to stop her stupid ideas and asks why she does that repeatedly. Gopi says Kokila is her mother also and wants her to get back to normal and get back her memory. She says Ahem even he wants the same and goes from there. Ahem goes into flashback where he remembers fighting with Gopi and says his relationship with Gopi is of hatred and will be the same.

Precap: Gopi sees Meer cleaning house and asks why is she doing that. Meera says she is illiterate. Radha even says Meera is illiterate. Kokila hears that and scolds Radha.

Update Credit to: MA

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