Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa eats khichdi and starts couhing. Kokila thinks Gopi has added chilli in it and scolds her, asks her to prepare fresh khichdi for Baa. Pari who sees this asks Gopi why did not she tell Kokila that she did not add chilli in it. Gopi asks her to let her work. Pari says why does she always listen to Kokila and suggests to oppose her. Kokiila hears her conversation and asks how dare she is to try to create a tiff between her and her Gopi bahu. Pari asks Kokila to chill out and stop shouting on everyone. Gopi asks her to not interfere between her and Kokila and says she is like a cow who just nods head for everything. Kokila gets irked hearing that, says she cannot believe her now and kicks her out of house. She thinks she believed Pari and gave her a chance, but is not fit for anything.

Kokila informs Baa that Pari is making her fresh khichdi without chillies. Baa says she coughed as she did not have her cough syrup. Kokila realizes her mistake and goes out to bring back Pari. Pari who is sitting outside says she knew that she would come back if she will know about her mistake and asks her to hold her hand and get her in. Baa is upset about Kokila scolding Pari for no mistake of hers. Kokila comes with Pari and says she thought Pari is trying to create a tiff between her and her Gopi bahu and apologizes both Pari and Gopi. Gopi says she does not have to apologize. Pari says she should and asks her to hold her ears and say sorry. Kokila does same, Gopi and Hetal are shocked to see that. Pari then asks Kokila to do sit ups now. Kokila smiles and twists her ears. Pari says she looks better in anger.

Gopi prays god to keep show Pari’s truth to Kokila and stop her from breaking Kokila’s trust. Kokila sees that and asks what is she praying. Gopi says she is worried that Pari may break her trust. Kokila says nothing will happen like that and she has to give a chance to Pari as a human being.

Kinjal and Pappu are walking on a road to get an auto. Fake baba gets out of auto. Kinjal says pappu if they have seen him before. Pappu says he is fake baba. They both decide to follow him and know his reality and watch him from window. Baba hears sound from window and comes to check, but before that they both hide below window.

Gopi wakes up hearing whole house’s alarms at once and comes otu to check. Even Kokila, Hetal and other family members come out. Everyone is perplexed. Pari comes out and says she set alarms to wake up at 3 a.m. Gopi asks why did she set all alarms at 3 a.m. Pari says it is Teej fasting today. Jigar reminisces Rashi keeping fast for him on this day. Kokila says we kept fast when Rashi was alive. Pari says she will fast for Jigar.

Precap: Pari gives post fast gifts to Hetal and asks her to gift it to her.

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  1. Honestly this Pari really irked me. I stopped watching the serial now because of her. Is she related to the producer, director so that they have to create such chaos in the house? I only read what’s happening in this page once a week and still the silly looking Pari, with her incredibly short dresses exist! This is not an Indian serial anymore but more towards Western. You do not have to look western To show that you are educated/ can speak English, Pari!! Think wise producers. All other Star serials keep the standard of proper family values n proper dressing. Pari’s clothes are too exposed and FAR TOO SHORT!!

  2. Nice joke… the way where is Lokeshwari g….not appearing her posts till 2 days.

  3. please bring rashi back because drama is very boring without her

  4. kokila is very khoti rat dali

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