Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tells Gopi that NGO man had called and asked him why did he tell that he is giving 10 lakhs when he wanted to give only 7 lakhs. Gopi says she gave him 7 lakhs. Kokila says earlier jewelry was missing and today money, a lot of wrong things are happening here. Gopi says since Pari’s papa came, these things are happening, he would be feeling bad about this. Pari asks Gopi how dare she is to allege her father. Gopi says she does not mean it. Pari starts misbehaving with her. Kokila asks her to stop and apologize Gopi. She does and goes back to her room. She then scolds her father for all the misdeeds he is doing and asks him to get out of her house. He leaves.

Pari tensely calls her papa, but he does not pick her call. Kokila sees her tensed and asks what happened. She says her papa is kidnapped and kidnapper is asking 10 lakhs. Ahem who hears that tells how dare kidnapper is to kidnap our guests and asks Pari what did he tell her. She says he asked to bring 10 lakhs at nearby temple. Gopi says we should inform police. Pari asks if she is not ashamed to tell this and says she herself will arrange money. She calls her contacts and asks them to arrange money. She then hugs Kokila and says she is worried about her papa. Kokila asks her to calm down and says even she is worried about her papa. She asks Ahem to give kidnapper 10 lakhs and get back Pari’s papa and asks Gopi to get 10 lakhs from locker. Hetal tells Kokila earlier jewelry is stolen and now kidnapping. Kokila says even she is thinking same.

Ahem keeps money at temple and comes back. Pari happily comes back home and calls her pap, but he does not come. Ahem says he did as kidnapper told. Pap gets worried about her papa. Kokila asks her to call kidnapper. Her papa comes just then in a distraught state. she happily hugs him. He asks her how did she arrange such a big amount so soon. She says Modi’s gave her. He says he is not worried about his life, but worried about his daughter. He acts as calling someone and asking to sell his shares in loss and send money. Parag says he can repay them later. Hetal says his daughter is like their daughter also. Pari hugs her father and laughs.

Kinjal says Urmila that she needs a new fan as her room’s fan is not working. Urmila says she will not spend money on her. Kinjal says she will get fan from her room as she already has AC. Gopi calls Urmila and informs her about Pari’s dad’s kidnapping and getting him released by giving 10 lakhs ransom. Urmila is surprised to hear 10 lakhs and informs about the incident to Kinjal. She then thinks she can get 50 lakhs if she kidnaps Gopi.

Meethi informs Kokila that both Pari and her dad are missing. Kokila gets worried about them. They both come and dad says that they had gone to temple to thank god for saving him. Pari sees Gopi watching her and gets irking thinking she always keeps an eye on her.

Urmila reads astrology that she will get money today. Just then, a builder comes and says he wants to buy her chawl. she says she does not want to sell her chawl and tries to send him out. He says he will construct apartment and will give he a 3 BHK apartment. She gets greedy hearing that and lets him in. Builder says he will give her 10 flats and 1 crore Rs if she will evacuate all her tentants. Urmila happily agrees.

NGO man comes and says he got 10 lakhs and apologizes for his mistake. Gopi sees kumkum on money which she had sprinkled on ransom money and realizes Pari and her dad made a drama to get those 10 lakhs.

Precap: Gopi informs Kokila that she sprinkled kumkum on ransom money and tells her that Pari and her dad did a big drama to get money.

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  3. Stupid!! End this serial fast because there is no logica in it. The most stupid serial ever!!!

  4. Mr. Writer, i don’t know how u come up with this incredible ideas. Mr. Writer u r the Best. This serial is getting better and Pari as always u r the best.

  5. This serial is getting from bad 2 worse day by day! If there is no good story line, please put an end to this serial. Its making these good actors and actresses look bad! And also making the people of India seem so gullible!!!!!!

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  9. I dont like this serial. I dont know why people like this serial because there is nothing fun about it. Paridhi is stupid. I hate this serial

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