Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila gets builder’s call who asks if she vacated her chawl. She says not yet. He says he will give her 15 lakhs as advance and wants chawl vacated soon. Urmila happily agrees. Kinjal asks whom she was talking to. She says it is none of her business. Pari comes there, but Urmila does not let her in and asks how dare she to come to her house. Pari says she married Jigar as she loves him and cares about his children. Urmila scolds her and pushes out of her house. Pari falls, but Gopi comes and holds her on time. She says Pari has changed now and is bahu of our house, she is working hard to get Radha out of our house. She says Radha even forcefed Meera chilli powder and her menace is increasing day by day. Urmila says what can she do. Gopi says she needs her help in kicking our Radha. Urmila says she will not. Gopi requests again.

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Radha thinks after she harmed Meera, Modi’s don’t have courage to even touch her. She tries to provoke Kokila again.

Pari tells Urmila of her plan of fake murder by Radha. Urmila says she will not help her and shuts door.

Kokila says she knew Urmila would not help us. Pari asks them to think who can help them now. Kinjal comes home. Kokila asks why did she come so early in the morning. Kinjal says yesterday Pari and Gopi came to seek Urmila’s help, but she was very angry at that time and kicked them out of house. She will help them as she is daughter of this house. Pari asks if she really will help her. Kinjal says why not and asks what she should do. Pari tells her plan to everyone that Radha comes in balcony everyday to oil her hair and she will drop plant pot by mistake and it will fall on Kinjal and she will die. Jigar says he knew she would be having these weird ideas. Pari says Kinjal will be hiding and once pot falls, she will come out with blood. Kinjal agrees. Pari says our plan will not fail. Hetal says Kokila that teaching Radha a lesson is necessary, so that she should not touch our children again. Kokila says let us start this plan with god’s name.

Urmila asks Kinjal to bring tea. Madhu brings tea and says Kinjal is not at home and has gone Modi bhavan to help them. Urmila says how can she ignore me and go there. She angrily walks towards Modi bhavan.

Pari sets plant pot and prays god to help her. Gopi gets a message that Radha has left her room. Kinjal tries to leave, but Gopi stops her and says she should go once the pot falls. Pari says it will look fake then. Gopi says we cannot risk Kinjal’s life but. Urmila reaches Modi bhavan yelling at them.

Once Radha comes in balcony, Pari starts her plan and starts fighting with Radha and says she is shameless to have Jigar’s child in her womb. Radha says she just wants to be Modi bahu. Pari says she wants to be Jigar’s wife and says Radha that she is a second woman and is looked very heinously in society. Radha gets irked and asks her to stop her taunts, else she will….Pari asks else what. Urmila reaches there and starts scolding Kinjal for coming here without her permission. Kokila asks her to stop yelling and come here. Pari challenges Radha to hit her with stick. Radha takes stick and pot falls on Urmila. Urmila shouts and falls on floor unconscious. Gopi, Kinjal and Kinjal gets worried and try to wake her up. Pari also starts acting.

Precap: Gopi alleges Radha that she killed Urmila.

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  1. Great episode Mr.Writer, please keep updating and please keep coming up with these great ideas.

  2. The pot really fell on iem ilaa head

  3. I think the pot really fell on urmila’s head!!!!! As she wasn’t aware of the modi’s plan

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