Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Updat e on

Urmila calls Gopi thinking she has called builder and asks when will she get advance money. Gopi asks which money. Urmila realizes she has called Gopi instead and says nothing. Gopi says she will cut call then. Urmila asks why is not calling her now a days and asks why is she sounding tensed. Gopi tells Radha is trying to take over Rashi pickle business and open in her name. Urmila gets angry hearing that and says she will come there right now to teach Radha a lesson. Gopi says she does not need to come as she is there to control Radha.

Radha gets tensed about preparing pickle and asks Meethi if she knows as she used to help Rashi and Gopi. Meethi says they never took my help. Gopi prepares pickles for her order and asks Meethi to pack them. They leave box in kitchen itself. Radha takes it, fixes her label over it and sells it.

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Jigar sees Pari in the lawn and strikes a conversation. He thanks her for handling Radha well. She says it is her duty. He says they are just friends and she does not have to take care of his family. Pari reminisces Gopi telling that Jigar tells superficially that he is her friend, but loves her. Gopi sees them talking from the balcony and smiles. Ahem sees her peeping from window and gets annoyed seeing Jigar and Pari together. He asks her to switch off lights.

Pari keeps her gift for Jigar on his bed and leaves. Tolu/molu come there to take Jigar’s signature and open gift wrap thinking their dad has brought it to them. They get sad seeing it is a tie and leave keeping it back on bed. Pari’s letter falls on the ground. Jigar comes in and thinks he kept tie and forget and wears it for office.

Urmila comes to Modi Bhavan and gets angry on Radha. Gopi consoles her and even Kokila asks her to calm down and go home back. Pari sees Jigar wearing her gifted tie and gets happy.

Pari comes to her, sees chocs and note on bed which reads you are special, thinks Jigar has gifted it and thinks if she had made friendship earlier, Jigar would have been hers already. She SMSes him thank you. He thinks what happened to her and replies it is okay.

Radha attends press conference which business man arranged, gives him pickle box and says media that Rajkot people will get much better pickle than Rashi pickle at lesser price. Gopi comes there and asks business if he does not want to know the reality of Radha pickle. He says yes. She removes Radha’s outer label and shows original Rashi pickle on it. Radha says they are trying to trap her. Gopi asks Pari to show the truth. Pari shows video of Radha fixing her label on Rashi pickle. Even doctor who was supporting Radha comes there. Gopi says Radha lied that day, trapped Hetal and forced people to beat her. Businessman asks Radha to give back his 1 lakh advance. Doc and her associates apologize Hetal for troubling her and warns Radha not to trouble Modi family, else they will get her arrested. Businessman asks Radha again to give his money. Radha says she spent that money in photoshoot and labeling. Pari says then she must go to jail. Radha apologizes Gopi and requests to save her. Gopi sends businessman and media out. Radha requests her again to save her. Pari says she has no other option than going to jail. Gopi says she should bend and apologize Hetal. Radha says she is pregnant. Gopi says she is pregnant but not ill. Radha bends and apologizes Hetal.

Precap: Gopi says Radha she warned her not to trouble her family and if she does, she will stand as a shield, today she protected her family against her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. huhhhhhhhhh…4 how (….) long wil gopi stand like a shield???she anyways cant do nythng but only gvng bhashan 2 radha…n dis radha is a bit less talktive n shws everythng in her actions unlik gopi…
    gopi tuh ekh kaam kar,spoon mei pani bhar ke koodh ja…iss ke alawa tum kuch karhi nahin sakte aur tujse ummeed rakhna isse jyada beher ki baath hoyi nahin sakthi…..jaake tum apni rona dhona shuru karo aur new bhashan ki inthjaam karo…tujse aur koyi umeed bhi nahin hein…

  2. Sanjeet Bublaka Modi

    Radha is so s*xy after back from prison, she should have lesbian s*x with kinjal as they are both pretty, and ahem can shove a dildo up kokilas ass if she gets rude to gopi.

    1. Besharam insaan

  3. Good job Pari and Gopi today. I feel really bad for Radha

    1. i hate pari she is so ugly and she is so annoying and selfish kind of like radha. why didnt they end it with rashi hate saathiya Now

  4. exactly mr aa

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