Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Umang telling radha that tripthi asked me to promise her that he would keep her(radha) happy. Radha smiles and says he does it. She gives juice to tripthi and leave. Gopi thinks that they thought something and something different happened, Koki says Umang and Tripthi are every intelligent and radha is too innocent. Koki says that they should make tripthi insecure and jealous so that she can herself tell the truth. Madhu calls radha and asks her how is she ,umang and bhabi? Radha asks how they are and she says fine. Madhu asks if she is taking proper care of Umang and her jethaniji(Tripthi), radha replies yes, and she also says they are taking more care of her and tripthi sees her as her sister. They keep the phone and madhu calls Gopi, she seems

dull and Madhu is worried if Radha did something , gopi says no nothing like that. They end the call. Madhu expresses her worry to jayanti bhai that radha is happy but gopi is tensed. He says that both their daughters are happy in their sasural. Urmila comes and yells at Madhu that she can keep calling her daughters and all the restrictions are on her only. And she is the one who pays phone bill. Madhu gets angry and yells,”Money..Money..tell me how much you want me to pay?”

Madhu gets angry and goes to get the money and puts it on the table. Urmila yells saying she is paying for the house and not some favor so give the money to hand. She puts 5000 in hand and leaves.
In modi bahavan, rashi bumps into tripthi and something falls from rashi’s hand. She gets irritated and asks if she cant see while walking. Rashi also asks her for how many days will they stay here? Radha comes and yells at her to be careful while talking to her bhabi. She also says, that they are well off and its because of Koki they are staying here,so she asks rashi to stay away from them, as long as they are here. Rashi angry.

Precap: Koki says that radha is newly married so she must spend time with Umang. Gopi asks her to go and they will help tripthi with the sizzlers

Kinjal comes to MM, and hetal asks her whats the matter. She says she is just tired, on insistence she is about to say something about Urmila but tripthi comes and wish her. She ignores her, then the family come. Koki asks about dhaval and she replies he will directly come from office. Hetal takes Kinjal to baa’s room while Tripthi asks Radha to help her in kitchen. Koki says that radha is newly married so she must spend time with Umang.Rashi wonders when kagdi become so open minded, Gopi asks her to go and they will help tripthi with the sizzlers. Hetal asks Kinjal whats the matter and Kinjal says its coz of Urmi, all that matters to her is money. She also tells her about the nighty which Umang overhears. Kinjal says its getting difficult to adjust these days,hetal tells to give some more time. Radha is looking for Umang , he is outside baa’s room. Radha asks what is he doing there? Tripthi anxious in the kitchen. Gopi asks if she is fine,she replies yes. Koki goes out of kitchen.

Radha asks Umang to come to verandah but he says he is not in the mood to go. Koki hears it, and tells him that she feels he doesn’t love radha much. Umang says nothing like that and agrees to go to verandah.

Precap: Koki asks Tripthi to help them in decorating Umang-Radha’s room, Tripthi decorating it but very angry.

Koki tells Gopi to open the windows of kitchen as there would be smoke because of sizzlers. They can see and hear Umang and radha. Gopi calls rashi to see how wonderful they are together. Koki also says they are happy and Gopi replies they are like Ram-Sita. Tripthi angry and jealous. Tripthi drops the utensil and Gopi says it happens sometimes when concentration is somewhere else.

Radha and Umang talking, Radha tells Umang that the best quality in him is despite being so rich he has no ego. Tripthi sees them all laughing and smiling. Koki says something is burning and she looks shocked, Koki says the curry is burning. Tripthi leaves the kitchen and Radha wonders what happened to her. Dhawal comes home, and asks about Kinjal. Urmi says she went to MM without telling anyone and Madhu interrupts saying she asked her and left and infact they have called him also. Urmi says not to listen to her and tells him Kijnal has become very stubborn. Dhawal thinking

Umang thinks he has to ccheck on Tripthi as she might do anything. Radha sks him what happened and he says he has to make a call and will come in 5 minutes. Tripthi comes to her room crying, Koki and Gopi follow her and asks her to help to decorate Umang-radha’s room. Umang looks for Tripthi but thinks she is kitchen with the rest

Dhawal comes to MM and Umang greets him, Umang pretends as if Kinjal has told something about her household matters to Umang,and he advices Dhawal to keep matters of his household among them only. Hetal takes them for having food. Koki, Gopi and Tripthi decorate Umang’s room. Tripthi very angry and upset but somehow does hit. She sits down when Koki reminds her to do sizzlers and they leave. Kinjal feels elated seeing sizzlers and tell Dhawal she loves sizzlers,but dhawal gives an uncomfortable smile and ignore her. Tripthi while serving Umang drops something hot on his hand. She takes it and starts rubbing while radha comes and does. Tripthi upset, Radha tells she will go and get the cream and Koki doesn’t allow her to go,as there is a surprise in their room,from their bhabi’. Episode ends on Koki’s face.

Precap For Monday: Tripthi crying and Umang telling her that because of her one mistake of killing radha, both will go to jail. He also says that radha can never come in between them and they hug. Radha shocked!

Update Credit to: MADHU

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