Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag tries to roughen up with Gopi. Rashi tries to rescue her, but he pushes her injuring her. Rashi gets up, takes stick and beats Anurag again. Jigar who is searching Rashi sees her slippers near drainage pipe. Kokila and Urmila and Ahem also reach the spot. They all reach main door with police and see Rashi and Gopi standing on stairs. Ahem tries to break lock with hammer.

Anurag tries to hit Gopi, but Rashi comes in between and he hits Rashi’s head with a rod. Rashi rolls down from the stairs and falls down on the ground unconscious. Anurag tries to run, but Ahem chases him and beats him till police rescues Anurag and takes him in their custody. Rashi is taken to hospital via ambulance with her family members. Gopi and Jigar cry and asks Rashi to wake up. Rashi opens her eyes and apologizes for not believing her. Gopi says we can talk about it at home. Rashi says she does not know if she will be alright or not. Jigar says not to tell like that for their children’s sake. Rashi gives Gopi rakhi and asks her to tie it to her. Rashi ties her while crying emotionally.

Rashi speaks to Jigar, Hetal, Kokila, and Urmila and asks them to take care of tolu/molu. Urmila asks her to get ready and take care of her sons herself. Rashi closes her eyes and stops breathing. Doctor checks her pulse and says she is no more. Jigar and whole family are shocked to hear that.

Baa and naani asks Savita ben to take children to her home as they don’t want them to know about Rashi’s death. Savitaben takes kids with her. Baa starts crying vigorously while Paridhi tries to console her. Meera asks baa what happened. Baa says Rashi is no more and will not come back. Meera starts crying. Kinjal, Dhaval and rashi’s father also reach there. Kinjal hugs Baa and starts crying. Kokila and whole family also reaches home. Wardboys bring Rashi’s body.

Precap: Urmila slaps Gopi and blames her for Rashi’s death.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. First as always!!!!

  2. There will be 2 sisters they will get alliance from a rich family. the younger one will marry the elder bro n elder one will marry younger bro.after a few years of family dramas there enters a person who loves the younger one n wants to marry her forcibly in order of protecting her younger sis the elder one gets shoted by the person……now my dear friends tell me which serial is this I have options tooooo…..
    B.sasural simar ka
    This is the same story in both the serials pin to pin same director…same writer….. Same producer……same story….. Fed up with this….

  3. Lokeshwari…….. You are right!! hell… y dint i notice the similarity…. these cheapos are fooling us… hate them …. 🙁

  4. Rashiiiii 🙁 🙁 :'(

  5. Alwys mis u 1 cn tak plce of u.luv u RUCHA.

  6. SAD.. she is dead….. :'(

  7. i said na urmila wil strt tauntng Gopi fr Rashi’s death.

  8. Very painful to write… I am totally vacant of words…..Rashi “The Queen of Expressions”is going to be no more in saathiya…this is the most horrible twist that the makers n channel could have been bought though knowing how mush we loved & wanted Rashi aka Rucha… rashi no saathiya for us…many scenes n expressions by Rashi excelled that it would put even our heroines to shame……surely Rashi will have a bright future n shine in her career she has a great future because she has immense talent…….
    Miss you Rucha……this is a big shock to ur fans…..
    Aur tum writerji..same story lines say humain ullu banane ki koshish Karl Raha Hai kya……

  9. Saddest part in sns !!!! Nd abt the precap i was expecting the same frm urmila

  10. miss u rashi no rashi no sathiyya

  11. I’ll cry now n i’ll miss u rashi

    1. u r right elina, i m also crying 4 rashi’s dead

  12. I was crying throughout today’s episode I will miss u rashi taka Rucha in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

  13. I hate u serial director n writers fr killing rashi aka rucha n I knw d frthr story dat u ll bring dat paridhi to rashi’s plce
    Plzzz don’t do this n it’s a humble request that don’t let her go

  14. Yea not parhidi please.. atleast some new girl. . Or u wouldn’t have killed rashi. .just bring a new face

  15. v’l miss u rashi…u r so luvly…

  16. I cry_ so much u r the queen of the show miss u alotttttttt

  17. This is not fair at all.. at last i was strted liking her . i’m totally not liking it. Why paridhi is thr. i dnt want paridhi to marry jigar. plz show this as a dream. i want rashi back.

  18. Plz yar rashi ki humshakal lay ao sns mn plz writer g..warna mn kisi ko b yaserial ni dekhnay dun gi

  19. Please make this episode as someones dream & bring our rashi back

  20. Watch the trp going down 😐

  21. They are showing best to best serials go off air..but why not this serial..i am saying this by main actress of the serial are changed ..not good …the serial name is saath nibhana saathiya..they dont even show anything thhat relates to the serial when gopi was leaving after meera s death..they should have show ahem stopping her.

  22. Today episode make me cry. miss you rashi. you are the best

  23. I will stop seeing this serial from today. Dint expect the story to turn this way
    I pity on the writers imaginations.

    1. it is unfair to made Rashi to die ,instead of that ,Masterji would have been dead ,then story would have been matched to the title of the serial Saathiya ,now no interest to see this serial ,even showing bad knowledge about ambulance ,where there will be no first aid available even in emergency ,what people may think about the ambulance in emergency ! very bad turn given to this story ,

  24. get Sara khan to act as the new rashi she would suit jigar paridhi is ugly and too young

  25. we want our rashi back…plz plz plz bring our rashi back…rashi is the soul of sathiya …otherwise the trp will go down and down
    rashii plz come back..i m waiting 4 u..

  26. very sad episode better Ba would have died instead of rashi now the serial will go down and should end soon. Pari is too childish to be a mother of two and very young they shld put rashi into coma or lose memory and get another actor instead what will happen to urmila now

  27. I thoughts falak naaz from sasural Simar ka is going to take rashis place

  28. Yetunde Elizabet

    This story is rubbish, first of all, y shud a rod kill her? Den wat r det planning to achieve wt her dead, I dnt like ds serial at all, its got no head n no tail. Capisce.

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