Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with off with Gopi wondering about what new troubles are in store for her and when would Kokila’s anger cool down.

Kokila enters the scene stepping down from the first floor., she has a iron trough, these days used for the ” Homa ” – in my language, Tulu – where in the Pundits light up the fire with fire wood, and other puja items. This ensues the floor does not get damaged.

Rest of the family members also join in and Kokila announces that the Pundith is on his way and those who think she is right and Gopi in the wrong can join in the puja. Gopi steps forward but Kokila’s cold attitude towards Gopi continues and stops Gopi with her ‘ Kokila’s ‘ perspective that Gopi is in touch with her Mami, person responsible for Kokila’s woes and to be in lock up.

Others stay back as Pundith comes in and starts the puja. Gopi convinces the family to take part, saying that whatever Maaji does or says is right. They comply with Gopi’s wishes. Ahem too is made to participate after few minutes of discussion between Gopi and him. Kokila, I believe, observes all the happenings out of the corner of her eye.

Later puja gets over, blessings taken, Pundith leaves. Gopi tries to talk to Kokila, but Gopi is cold shouldered once more. Ahem speaks up but Kokila says to him that no need to plead on behalf of his wife and in future the couple should stay away from her. Also adds that Ahem can be Gopi’s husband only, not her son. All this messy talk leaves the family in shock.

Kokila also says since family took part in the puja which proves her to be in the right ; knowing very well that it was Gopi who convinced the family to take part.

Urmilaa gets a call from prospective bride’s mother and she is in glee. Raashi enters the scene, unnoticed by her mother. She listens to the nonsense of Urmilaa’s talk and gets the idea of what her mother is up to ‘ as usual no good. Later Raashi informs the latest of the happenings at her ‘ Raashi/s ‘ end.

Jigar is somewhere loading packages of mangoes in the dickey of his car. He goes off in search of his wallet. Meanwhile a mentally ill woman is running off with few men dressed as attendants of an asylum. Woman injures one of the attendants, by pelting stone.

The guy who is loading the mangoes finishes loading and does not close the dickey properly. To put the rest of the story in nutshell, the woman gets into the dickey and lands in Modi home.

Later Urmilaa is making burgers and Kinjal enters. Usual sarcastic comments are exchanged between them.

The woman sees Gopi and the child to mistake them for her daughter in law and grandchild. So also Ahem is mistaken for her son Darshan.

Woman ends up in Gopi’s room, and Ahem, leaves for office after assuring Gopi that he would sort out the misunderstandings with his mom. Now it is not the right time.

Later the woman gets hold of Meera and threatens Gopi to do as she says, else she would harm Meera. She has fork in her hand. Funniest part.

In between there is a Cell Phone talk scene of Raashi and her mom. Urmilaa in curlers, goggles etc. Raashi says Kinjal would not divorce Dhawal, for she is the daughter of great Kokila. But Urmilaa is not impressed and she would get Kinjal out of Dhawal’s life.

Now the mentally ill woman blackmails Gopi to do her beckoning, asks Gopi to get food. To ensure that Gopi does not inform others of her presence she gets Gopi to carry her cellular and call the land line, cordless is in the room. Gopi complies, by humming continuously and in the kitchen Kokila is surprised to see and hear Gopi humming. Gopi takes the food to her rom.

In the Garden, Kokila and Raashi are doing some work. Nikki and Savita are gossiping of a lunatic woman who has escaped, Raashi is scared. But Kokila assures and calms Raashi that lunatic woman would not come near them. Savita too adds that the woman would not come to their house as two mad women cannot stay under the same roof. Kokila tells Raashi not to listen to mad caps talk. Nikki tells Kokila that they were not talking of her ‘ Kokila that is.

Drama inside the house continues Gopi hums, Kokila is angry finding the food taken away. Gopi hums through all these talk, but teary eyed all through.

Finally Kokila asks Gopi Who is taking care of Meera, just then the lunatic woman speaks into the phone and threatens Gopi. Out of concern for Meera, Gopi hums on. She does not respond to Kokila.

And Episode Ends on Kokila’s surprised face, surprised at Gopi’s apparent nonchalant behavior ! ! !


Update Credit to: Manzz

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