Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Pari and Kokila hugging each other and thinks she used to get happy seeing Kokila happy always and hope this time, she is not betrayed by Pari and prays god to set things right.

Pari wakes up on Kokila’s mobile alarm and asks her to let her sleep. Kokila says she has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill from today. She asks what responsibilities. Kokila says she has to wake up kids, get them ready and send them home. Pari asks when did she accept all these challenges. Kokila says she has to do all these tasks from today and asks her to stop lying from today. Pari goes to kid’s room yelling that she has to wake up these devil kids, goes and tries to wake them up, but they say they need 10 min more. She also goes to sleep.

Gopi asks Meethi to get kid’s breakfast ready while she goes and wake them up. Kokila comes and says Pari is waking them up. Even after 30 minutes, kids don’t come down, so she goes to check and finds Pari herself sleeping in kid’s room. She wakes up kids and Pari. Pari asks why is she yelling at her. Gopi says she has to think family as her responsibility, etc. Kokila hears their conversation and asks what happened. Pari says she let kids sleep for 10 min more so that they can get up fresh. Kokila says Gopi that Pari is learning and asks her to help her. Pari thinks she escaped today somehow by lying and thinks to impress Gopi also with Kokila.

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Urmila calls fake Baba and asks him to let her speak to her daughter. Baba says her daughter-in-law insulted him a lot, so he does not want to help her now. Urmila requests him repeatedly and he agrees and asks her to come to his ashram with jewelry.

Pari enters Jigar’s room without knocking while he is getting ready. He gets annoyed that she entered without his permission and scolds her. She asks him to calm down and have breakfast which she prepared and asks him to praise her. He says he will not and goes into bathroom to pick his watch. She locks bathroom door and asks him to praise her, else she will not open door. Jigar praises her angrily and says she is very beautiful. Pari opens door. He says he is not her husband and angrily goes down while she follows him.

Kokila asks Gopi take Pari’s help while cooking and teach her cooking. Pari stops Jigar and asks him to tell what he said in bathroom. He says she is world’s ugliest woman and asks her to stop her dram. She slips from stairs and he holds her. Gopi who watches that says Kokila she feels sorry for Jigar, seeing Pari troubling him. Kokila says Pari is trying her best to cheer up Jigar, though with wrong ways and says she wants Jigar to lead a happy life, later she can mend Pari’s wrong ways.

Urmila leaves rat at Kinjal’s house and asks it to trouble her most. Kinjal gets panicked seeing rat while Kokila enters her room and gets Rashi’s jewelry. Kinjal catches her red-handed.

Hetal asks Gopi to wash clothes. Gopi agrees. Kokila asks her to prepare khichdi for Baa. She agrees. Pari watches that and thinks of impressing Gopi by helping her.

Kinjal asks Urmila to hand over jewelry, else she will call police. Urmila says she is her MIL and cannot get her arrested. Kinjal says she kicked her family out of house, so this is her punishment. Urmila gives jewelry back. She gets Baba’s call and goes out to pick call.

Pari washes clothes and finds shirt stained. Gopi sees Pari washing clothes and staining them and asks why did she do it. Pari says she just wanted to help her. Gopi says helping someone is not in her books. Pari says she really wanted to help her as she does all work alone.

Precap: Kokila asks Pari how dare she is to create a tiff between her and Gopi. Pari asks why does she always scold her. Gopi asks Pari to tone down her voice.

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