Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Radha tells Rashi that she kept rose and love letter in Jigar’s bag thinking its Ahem’s. And in her letter she has written that Swayam is staying here for her instead of Ahem. Rashi gets shocked and says before writing a letter to Swayam she could’ve asked her. Radha says why not as there relationship has improved. She says she did it that’s why and asks her to forgive. Radha smirks . Rashi puts water on Jigar’s head.Jigar shouts on her and asks what she is doing. Rashi says she was praying and he asks inside in the home? Rashi says sorry and takes his bag and files and tells him to go and change. Jigar smiles and goes .Rashi is opening the letter when Kokila calls for Gopi she rushes to hide. Jigar is about to enter when Radha stops

him she says not to see outside the window . Jigar agrees. He changes and thinks about Radha saying not to see out. Jigar sees Rashi putting the rose and letter in dustbin and thinks why she did it.

Urmila comes and sees waste outside and she shouts on him. She says to remove it. Rashi gives Jigar his bag he then disappointedly goes from there. Jigar sees the rose and letter in dustbin . He is shocked to read half of the letter. Urmila is annoyed to see Madhu sleeping peacefully on bed. Urmila tells the work man to keep the garbage near Madhu’s room. Rashi says due to Radha for a moment even she can’t calm down she thinks to go and rest for a while. Kokila asks Gopi where Meera is and tells her to sleep for a while with Meera. Rashi tells Radha to come with her but she refuses saying she’ll go with Gopi. Rashi says it’d be easy for her as it will be easy to take care of twins.Gopi agrees. Rashi says thank you and takes Radha with her. Madhu wakes up by the bad smell . She is irritated to see garbage around there.

Rashi thinks is she slept Radha will kill Gopi . Rashi sits and says they’ll talk about Swayam. She says she will take care of twins and later will talk. Rashi gets bored and she dozes off. Radha smiles and goes out of the room. Rashi wakes up to see Radha not to be seen anywhere around. She rushes to Gopi’s room and is shocked to see her holding a knife with blood. Rashi shouts saying Radha killed Gopi. Gopi wakes up and Kokila asks if she is fine and without thinking what she’s saying . Rashi says she’s right and Radha still have the knife. Radha says its jam and how she gave Meera jam and toast. Kokila taunts Rashi saying she needs to visit doctor. Rashi goes out and says she know that she wants to kill Gopi . Radha says she was going to but due to her she couldn’t. Rashi says to forget about this idea and promise her that she wont do anything to Gopi. She says her image wouldn’t be nice if Swayam ji comes to know that his to be wife was going to kill his sister in law.

Rashi says is not to think about it. Radha says if she’s good she can be but she will stay the same. Madhu comes shouting and asks who kept the garbage even Kinjal says she has no idea. And in morning the worker will come. Madhu says she will sleep with Kinjal and she has to sleep alone. Everyone comes to the dining table, Radha thinks if anything is wrong between Rashi and Jigar. Jigar says Hetal to give me salt and only her. Radha thinks her plan is successful is Jigar is ignoring her. Later Rashi calls Urmila and tells about Radha.Urmila says she knows a kalakari.

Precap- Jigar says to Rashi that he know that his wife loves him alot. Rashi says he is the best husband and he loves her alot. Radha is not pleased to see it.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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