Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode kick starts with Vidya digging for information with regards to Gopi and her whereabouts for the past decade. Hetal gets caught in her own web of lies, she says the treatment took place only for two years ; Vidya quickly asks about rest of eight years, which Gopi had spent. Hetal says for some years Gopi had to recoup and to get back to good health, before Vidya could question Hetal further, Hetal excuses herself by saying she had to administer Baa medicine.

At Shah Home ; Manasi is waiting for Ahem and is daydreaming of getting proposed. She has a ring in her hands. But Urmilaa has other ideas. Urmilaa with toy binoculars comes down the stairs and provokes Manasi into an argument. In the process Urmilaa is called mad by Manasi and Urmilaa throws wet mud on Manasi and the black dress gets muddy.

Hereabouts Kokila and Ahem arrive.

Manasi wants Ahem to take her out, Kokila says Ahem is tired but Manasi somehow gets her way. She refuses to change her dress, finally Ahem relents. Kokila decides to inform Gopi about Ahem and Manasi being together.

Vidya informs to Meera that something is amiss with regards Gopi being away from them for ten years. Vidya tells about the two parallel stories running around whereas truth is entirely different and hidden from them, the two grannies are telling one story and Ahem, their father, is telling some other story.

The twins too question Paridhi and they say that Vidya was telling that Gopi was with little Raashi but they were told that Gopi was ill and gone abroad. Jigar intervenes and somehow gets the boys off His, Jigar’s I mean, and Paridhi’s back.

Kinjal over hears the conversation of the girls and realizes that Vidya had come to Modi home to learn about Gopi’s story.

Elsewhere ; Manasi puts the ring in the glass containing tea. Absent mindedly Ahem sips the tea ; from nowhere Gopi appears and knocks off the glass. Gopi says the tea has been mixed with poison ; Manasi tells her different style of getting Ahem to propose, but it has become a flop show. Urmilaa also comes and spills hot tea on Manasi’s arm.

Later, Ahem tends to Manasi’s burnt arm by applying some cream.

Kinjal calls Manasi and informs of Vidya’s intentions ; if Vidya learns about the truth then all the plans of Manasi will certainly flop and backfire. Manasi says that she would use Vidya to get her, Manasi’s I mean, desire that is, Ahem.

The boys and the girls plan and discuss about the Gopi mystery and unravel it. Meera and the boys as usual argue but Vidya manages to control the situation; Vidya says that she wants the boys to help her and Meera.

So the mission to get hold of the passport is on, for passport will tell a story of Gopi’s whereabouts all these years.

At the breakfast table Sahir and Sameer argue on purpose and one of the challenges the other to lift Paridhi. Paridhi is lifted with the intention of getting hold of the bunch of keys at Paridhi’s waist.

At Shah Home ; Urmilaa argues with Manasi that she is gaining weight ; that she would work, cleaning up the house, Manasi refuses. Kokila comes and says that Manasi must work.


The Episode Ends On Kokila’s Stern Face ! ! !

Precap :- The Twins And The Girls find the Passport of Gopi had expired eight years ago ; hence they understand the Gopi had never been abroad.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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  1. am 1 st nice epi

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      yes superb episode

  2. Please, whoever normally updates he show plz continue ! I don’t know what bakes as this was with the updating !! It didn’t look professional at all and there was a lot of ‘I mean’ and all that sh*t

    1. janu (john ka beta)

      mistakes ho jandi h ji tussi cool rahoji

    2. Yeah .. The update was in a very different style.. So the one who normaly updates please continue.

    3. Yeah. The update is irritating. The one who updates this is so unprofessional. She don’t know english

  3. I used to hate Kinjal, but her acting is amazing. She is the next RADHA.

    1. John you r such a nice guy, you r absolutely right!

      1. yes john is right

    2. Anushka virat kohli

      agree with john

    3. janu (john ka beta)

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    Bt u can do better.!

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  12. janu (john ka beta)

    vidhya will expose truth of gopi sasuri n meera will apologize to gopi sasuri

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    mansi will be kick out

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    anushka wat r u doing here?

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  19. Lovely eisode.

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  20. so boooooooooooooooooooooooooring episode

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      its interesting epi

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  26. Hi…can anyone tell me who’s child s Rashi d small girl & y s kokila taking care of her in chawl?

    1. Rashi is Cruel Radha’s child, Radha is killed by Gopi 10 years back for her crimes. For all the 10 years she is impriosned

  27. vidya ahem modi (gopi daughter)

    Meri maa ka past agar koi janta hai
    Toh khanaji ke khatir mujhe bol dejiye
    Akhir kya hua tha das saal pehele 🙁

    1. janu (john ka beta)

      vidhya very soon u will know truth

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