Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2013 Written Update
At modi bhawan, Koki and rashi finds nikki has used their parking area and their car as well for her use. At urmi’s place, dhawal comes home in the morning. Kinjal tries to talk to him but he walks off. Urmi taunts kinjal for testing dhawal’s patience till now and she has crossed the limits so he is angry with her now. In modi bhawan’s kitchen, Rashi will be preparing dough for roti and muttering about work. Koki and hetal comes in to kitchen. Hetal says they would take some thing to special thing to eat for the tea party at nikki’s place. Rashi suggests to take cake from some good bakery. Koki denies it as it isnt a homemade one. Gopi says she would prepare dhokla and asks rashi to help gopi. Rashi gets pissed off.

Modi ladies arrive at nikki’s place. Nikki welcomes everyone. Koki finds that all the ladies has brought some thing or the other to eat. Rashi asks nikki what she has prepared. Nikki replies that she thought of ordering food but after seeing all the food she has denied it. Koki asks gopi to serve food for everyone. Koki asks rashi as well but nikki denies. Nikki while walking dashes with a table and gets hurt on her leg. Nikki asks savitha to apply the balm on her leg. Nikki gives a false prestige that she has so many workers in Mumbai and even a big palace over their. Nikki says she has not hired any maid yet and she is worried about all the work. So hetal and gopi says they would send meeti to her place and they would work themselves for 2 days. Koki suspects nikki that she is behaving so willingly. Koki decides to find out what nikki wants.

In gopi’s room, ahem will be reading newspaper and gopi wearing bangles. While wearing them gopi gets hurt. So ahem cleans the blood and asks gopi to take care. In jigar’s room, jigar finds rashi’s doggy’s picture and asks rashi to look on cute baby pictures. Rashi asks jigar to bring and jigar promises her that he would bring. At urmi’s place, kinjal and dhawal in their room. Dhawal will be taking urmi’s help for finding his things. Kinjal gives dhawal his tiffin box but dhawal rejects and leaves.

Jigar and ahem meet in a fancy shop. Jigar buys a big baby poster and ahem buys bangles. Jigar finds nikki in the same shop. Jigar asks nikki about whats her problem. Nikki says jigar that her credit card isnt working. Jigar says he would pay her bill as well. Nikki hugs jigar and thanks him.

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