Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sits in a train and asks another passenger the train reaches Ahmedabad. He says the timining. Ahem and Gopi come and start searching Kokila by showing he pic to passengers and people around. Baa, Hetal and Rashi pray god for Kokila on the other side. Gopi sees Kokila in a running train and runs behind calling Kokila. She informs Ahem about it. Ahem says we should find out which is that train’s next station. Baa gets worried for Kokila. Rashi asks her not to worry, Kokila will come back soon. Ahem calls Jigar and informs Kokila has gone in a train and train’s next station. He says we should catch Kokila before train leaves from there.

Rashi starts crying thinking about Kokila. Hetal asks her to stop acting and says Kokila went out of house because of her.

Rashi says she went Kokila, but she eloped from there. Hetal alleges Rashi that Kokila’s ill health is because of her. Radha says Kokila is angry that her sister Jigna/Rashi married a driver. Hetal says Radha is right and says she will not see her face until Kokila comes back.

Baa asks Hetal why is she overreacting. Hetal says what shall she do then. Rashi says she is quiet, that does not mean she is wrong, if she feels she is wrong, then she does not have any right to stay in this house and stormingly goes from there. Baa asks Hetal to stop her. Hetal says let her go. Radha smirks seeing that.

Rashi comes to Urmila’s house and says she does not want to go back to that house. Her father asks what happened. Rashi says she went to a temple with Kokila and Kokila eloped from there. Kinjal asks how did this happen and who went in search of Kokila. Rashi says Ahem and Gopi have gone to search her. Kinjal starts scolding Rashi and says it is her carelessness that Kokila is missing. Urmila asks her to stop shouting. Kinjal says she is living lavish life because of her family, else she was a chawl dweller before. Jigar calls Rashi and asks her how can she leave her house when there is so much tension going on. Urmila snatches phone from Rashi and asks Jigar not to call his daughter again. She commands Rashi to stop serving Modis and listen to her.

Hetal starts crying and says Jigar what will she inform kids when they ask about their mamma. Kinjal calls Hetal and asks her to find her mother soon. Hetal asks her not to take tension and to pray god. Madhuben asks Hetal not to worry about Kinjal and pray god for Kokila. Urmila takes phone and starts fighting with Hetal for sending out her daughter. Hetal asks Urmila to not trouble her as she is already in a tension and cuts the call.

Gopi reaches next station and starts searching Kokila while Kokila is in that train itself. Kids come home and asks Hetal about Rashi. Radha tries to inform that Rashi has gone to her mother’s house, but Hetal stops her and says Rashi has gone out and will be back soon, until then asks them to rest and enjoy the mango ice cream which she brought.

Urmila starts scolding Modi family. Kinjal gets angry on Urmila for scolding her family. Dhaval asks Kinjal to relax.

Jigar calls Ahem and asks about the progress. Ahem informs that he found Kokila and asks him to take care of rest of family members. Jigar informs family members that Kokila is found. Baa and family thanks god.

Urmila’s husband gives water to Kinjal and tries to console her. Urmila asks him to give water to Rashi instead. Dhaval brings water for Kinjal. Ahem calls Dhaval and informs that they found Kokila. Ahem and Gopi enter the train compartment and start searching Kokila, but Kokila gets down that train to drink water.

Precap: Gopi and Ahem board different trains while searching Kokila.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. another boring and stupid episode plse plse plse end the show or change the story directors producers take a break jesus

    1. I agree with rosey, what a boring show!

  2. ya really very boring……………………………………………….. shit stop this or make it interesting

    1. What tha hell yaar such astupidfilm. whenathat Radha’s problemgoes it cames anorther

  3. Ab toh kokila ke saath saath purasa pura modi parivaar pagal ban chuka hai!!!!!!what a stupid serial now everyone is blaming that poor rashi because of that dumbo….duffer kokila disgusting first kick that kokila for making everyone suffer.Radha has became a big headache for us now a days this time starplus ka ‘BEST FOOL AWARD’must be given for Radha she deserves it a lot………..

    1. absolutely ritr…

  4. It’s getting boring…. Zzzzzz

  5. It’s high time now, there should be something good happening …

  6. Only one thing we can do stop watching the show n have a peaceful life

  7. This is getting so boring. ..When will kokila get her memory back? This story is dragging on 2 long.


  9. Omg still no change wtf nw its all abt koki gettin lost end the show plz

  10. someone please push her off the train…. the whole mad story will finish off with this mad lady….
    now toh…even ghajini is feeling ashamed of himself…..kokila beats him..!!
    lol….poor rashi can’t get married to her own husband……they expected her sit and enjoy the wedding of her husband and that useless radha…..lmao………………………hahahahah…………………….

  11. Another dumb episode full of rubbish. Just cancel the show.

  12. No story development either. Feel like it’s a really badly written novel full of trash

  13. duro you guys are all idiots like pure 100% dumb

  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What stupidity is this. worst script ever scene. Better to stop watching the show.

  15. Dis serial is really dumb nd full of crap.pls change d storyline.

  16. The worst serial of all!

  17. Worst script

  18. This is one of the best shows ever made! So stop complaining guys and suck it up..I agree that these parts now a days are getting a little out of track, but what abou all those other amazing eposides of saathiya? They have keept the show entertaining for the past 4 years

  19. Agree with Elena…

  20. i dont mind rashi getting troubled a bit more, she and her mother have troubled everyone a lot. Now also they wont stop creating prblms for their own gain. It is just that radha is more smart in this job that she is winning the troubling game. Kokila when will she get back her memory, by saturday god we waited one more week for it. Once kokila gets back her memory all the truth should be out of the box. These truths itself can make a 2mnth long episodes. (Truth means not just radhas work, but rashi and her mother , the truth about urmila mansion etc). How ever it drags just now i love this serial.

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