Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan stops Radha from slapping Pari and asks how dare she is to try to slap his Pari. Radha apologizes him and asks him to come aside as she wants to talk to him.

Kokila asks Gopi not to worry about Pari and to go and rest. Gopi gets drowsy. Ahem holds. Gopi says she just got drowsy, but wants to go and search Pari now. Ahem says she should forget about others and concentrate on her family now.

Radha says Vivan that Pari deserves slap as she was shouting at her. Vian says if she has problem with Pari, she can walk away. Pari sees them fighting and tries to break her rope.

Kokila brings Gopi to her room and asks her to rest now. Gopi says Pari is in trouble and they should save her from Vivan. Kokila says she loves everyone selflessly that she does not see anyone’s mistakes, Pari is playing kidnap drama and she should understand that.

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Radha scolds Vivan that he is not bothered about even his life except Pari’s. Vivan gets irked.

Kokila asks her Gopi to stop thinking about Pari. Gopi thinks how to explain Kokila that Pari is in trouble, don’t know how she would be.

Pari frees herself, gets into truck’s driver seat and flees in truck. Vivan runs behind truck. Truck’s gets out of control and does not stop. Radha also runs behind truck. Vivan climbs truck and tries to come in the front cabin. Pari asks him to leave the truck. Radha uses short cut and stands in between the road to stop truck. Pari applies breaks and it stops just in front of Radha. Radha falls down and shouts that her unborn child is harmed. Vivan jumps on the road and falls unconscious. Pari goes to rescue Radha, but Radha holds her hand and slaps her continuously. Vivan wakes up and makes Pari sniff chloroform. Pari falls unconscious.

Jigar reminisces Pari telling that she loves him more than herself and professing her love repeatedly, getting married, loving kids, etc., and smiles, but then gets angry reminiscing she hugging Vivan. Gopi comes and says can understand his pain, but can say Pari loves him really. He says Pari loves Vivan. She says he is thinking wrong. He says he only believes what he sees.

Vivan and Radha take Pari to a secluded house and tie her with rope again. Radha asks Vivan to control his emotions and think practically. Vivan says Pari if she tries to flee again, he will not spare her. Pari thinks Gopi and Jigar should help her.

Gopi prays god that she lost Rashi and now cannot afford Pari, prays to get Pari back to her. She hears door bell and goes to check. Traffic inspector says that he brought chalan against Ahem for speeding car. Ahem says he did not drive his car since many days. Inspector says his constable has a proof and only after proper investigation, he came here. Ahem gives fine amount and sends him. He calls drivers and scolds them for misusing his leniance, warns them and gets into his room. Driver says Vivan used to drive Ahem’s car. Gopi checks date as 10th on which Pari was kidnapped and says Ahem that she has proof Vivan has kidnapped Pari. He says he does not want to listen about Pari and asks her not to talk about her again. Gopi thinks only Jigar can help now.

Precap: Jigar calls airline company and receptionist informs that Vivan did not board flight that day. Kokila realizes that Vivan is Pari’s kidnapper.

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  1. End the track, its boring

  2. Finally, Vivan will be caught. Hpwvdare Radha to slap Pari. She is the MOST beautiftl

  3. Finally Vivan will be caught. How dare Radha to sleep Pari. She is the MOST beautiful actress in this show.

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