Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says Radha that she will kill her for troubling Hetal. Radha shows Hetal’s signed letter that she will not harm her or her baby and says if any of them touch her, she will sue them. She says this revenge was for their Urmila’s death drama.

Urmila starts vomiting and asks Kinjal what did she add in her food. Kinjal says she herself prepared food, then she must be knowing what she mixed. Urmila runs to bathroom. Kinjal laughs thinking tit for tat.

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Kokila fumes at home thinking about Radha troubling Hetal. She hears door bell and opens door thinking Radha must have come but sees people who say they came to take photoshoot. She asks who called them. Radha comes from behind and says she called them for her photoshoot. Gopi comes and asks her why she wants photoshoot. She says she is thinking of reopening pickle business in her name. Kokila says it is in Rashi’s name. Gopi warns Radha not to thinking of that and says pickle business is and will be in Rashi’s name and will not changed at all. Radha says Rashi is dead now, so she will rechristen it in her name. Kokila says it is not possible at all. Radha asks her not to shout more and asks makeup lady to do her make up. Lady stands silently. Radha says her family hears loud and she does not have to worry. She shows Hetal’s signed consent letter and says if they try to stop her photoshoot, she will give letter to police.

Kokila consoles Hetal saying she will not let Radha overtake Rashi’s business. Pari thinks she will ruin it. Gopi says Hetal that she will force Radha to apologize her. Madhuben calls her and she informs Radha’s drama to her. Madhuben says she is ashamed of Radha and is curses herself that she is her mother.

Pari gets into Radha’s room and is about to mix chilli powder and mosquito spray in her makeup items when Gopi stops her and says she cannot do this as Radha is pregnant and they cannot stoop to low level like her. She is about to take her out when Radha comes and starts yelling. Pari says Gopi she told her to mix them, but she stopped her. Gopi walks out with Pari.

Urmila gets happy seeing her chawl’s new construction plan and thinks she will name is Rashi-Urmila apartment. Kinjal hears her conversation and enters suddenly in her room. Urmila hides plan papers and asks her to get out from her room. Kinjal thinks she knows what she is hiding.

Radha finishes photoshoot and calls pickle businessman. Gopi asks why did he come. Radha says she called and has changed Rashi pickle business name in hers. Businessman says Rashi pickle is famous in whole Rajkot and it cannot be changed. Radha says she will sell her pickle for less and will get a press conference also for publicity. Businessman gets happy and gives her 1 lakhs advance. Radha says he will get pickle consignment tomorrow itself. She asks Gopi to prepare pickle now. Gopi says she will not and even Rashi’s name will also not be changed. Radha shows Hetal’s consent letter and says she will send them to jail. Gopi snatches letter and tears it. Radha says she has many people as evidence and they will help her. Gopi asks her to do whatever she wants and says she will prove that she is mad and send her to jail or mental hospital again. She will have to finish her consignment, else she will be in jail. Radha says she knows how to prepare pickle and will finish consignment at any cost and challenges Gopi.

Precap: Gopi informs Urmila about Radha taking over Rashi’s pickle business and opening it in her name. Urmila gets angry hearing that and says she will come there right now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hope the best villian award goes to Radha. She is the best.

  2. Oh for crying out loud why does evil always win I wish Radha has such a terrible death

  3. Ab khatam kro is show ko fuzul ka revenge mt dikhao

  4. Radha so evil so bad ugly.remove her out of the serial. worst and bad serial

  5. Gopi Lesbian Bahu

    why cant radha and gopi have lesbian s*x white pari sucks jigars cock, also ahem should have s*x with dhaval

  6. why are they showing that evil is always winning in the serial’ They should show right things and think of some decent turns to make it interesting

  7. Why the decent people never get what they deserve. The same evil people come again and again to spoil the peace. They cannot destroy the life of those who are living for an unborn. giving wrong idea to bad people.

  8. May evil prevail

  9. What happend to this kokila??always ready to obey radha,and how this radha came out ??i thnk they dont have story so beter u leav these story and start with tolu molu meera genration,it will be fun to c

  10. Ayyo..e serial nirtho..really boring..

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