Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag ties Gopi on a chair and touches her. Gopi cries vigorously. Anurag says there is no use calling Ahem and says he will keep her happy. Gopi says he is mad. Anurag says nobody can guess that we are in this school and will marry here. He says we will start a new life after marriage.

Rashi, Ahem, Jigar and Kokila, police and other family members are busy searching Anurag and Gopi.

Anurag goes down to bring water for havan. Gopi cries and calls Ahem to take her from here. She thinks how will he find her, prays god to Send Ahem. Ahem gets a call from inspector who informs that Anurag is found in vegetable market. Ahem says he will reach there soon. Gopi sees from a window Rashi standing near the school building and calls her, but Anurag shuts her mouth and closes window. He slaps Gopi for shouting and asks her to shut her mouth. Rashi senses hearing Gopi’s voice but then thinks it is her belief. Gopi sees a drain pipe and throws her rakhi thread in it.

Gopi prays god to send help her. Rashi is searching for Gopi and prays god that she will not fight with Gopi again.

Kids hear Parag and Chirag talking about Gopi missing and asks what are they talking about. Chirag says nothing important. Meera comes and says if elders are hiding something, it is something which we should not know. We can just pray.

Anurag readies for marriage and asks Gopi to get ready. Gopi prays god to send Rashi soon. Rashi sees Gopi’s rakhi thread in a drain and finds the room where she is found tied by masterji.

Whole Modi parivar prays god with bhajan. Kokila, Urmila, and Madhuben search Gopi on streets. Kokila says once Anurag is caught, she will teach him a nice lesson. Urmila says she is sensing Gopi around. Kokila says we all three will separate directions and search Gopi.

Anurag plays marriage mantra CD and takes out mangalsutra to tie. Rashi on the other side ascending the pipe under which she saw Gopi’s thread. Chirag gets a call from inspector who informs that Ahem is around govt school and says Parag that we should go there now. Hetal says she will also go with them and asks Paridhi to tak care of Baa and kids.

Anurag opens Rashi’s hands and makes her forcefully perform marriage rituals. He is about to add sindhoor in Gopi’s forehead when Rashi sees that from the window and gets in there by breaking the window. She throws sindhoor and frees Gopi, but Anurag catches Gopi again. Rashi beats Anurag with chair and runs with Gopi from there while Anurag follows them. Anurag clips them in a room again and says Gopi that she is made for him. Gopi says she will never marry him.

Precap: Gopi sees her whole family with police and gets happy. Anurag hits Rashi from behind.

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  1. rashi will definitely die as she has already quit d show dat seen was given by SBS last week and also today as [email protected]

  2. guys im very sad because rashi,my fav character is going to die
    and u know that the show has found a new wife for jigar if i m right then that pari rashi’s cousin will be jigar’s next wife

  3. Lokeswari plz do some thing.rashi shouldn’t be die.miss her a lot.☆

  4. @ Lokeshwari — u r welcome….

    btw, anyone of you watch Sadda Haq which is telecast daily mon to fri 6.30 p.m. on Channel V??? Repeat telecast of the same is at 10 p.m. same day and 11.30 noon the next day. And yes, for those who had missed watching it from the beginning, the ssme is aired between 4 to 5 p.m daily.. Do watch a few episodes and post your comments there… It is not a compulsion…. but still, why I am asking you guys to watch this show is – it is unique and different from the typical saas-bahu serials,,,,Awesome series… U guys wld love watching it for Param Singh Bhatia….aka Randhir Singh Shekawat… a handome hottie who is the heartthrob of lots & lots of girls…. His acting is too good.. His eyes speaks volumes…

  5. Great Series i love itr

  6. missed rashi a lot Writters shld’nt hav killed her.Tears.

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