Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2013 Written Update

Rashi tells Radha to stop crying and tells her that she will not let her go to jail and will support her. She tells her to do as she says. Rashi meets her friends and tells them that she remembered something important so she will come in a while. She leaves Radha and the kids with them and leaves. She calls Urmi but the Urmi’s phone is in RN. Meanwhile, MB is cribbing that Urmi fooled her. She decides to teach her a lesson. Rashi wonders why Urmi is not picking the phone. She thinks that Urmi would have gone to bank to encash the cheque. She takes an auto to go to the bank. Here Urmi is still on her way to the bank and starts dreaming that she is a a queen surrounded by servants and expensive jewellery. She gets off the auto in a trance and hands over more money to the

auto wala. She wakes up from her daydream and realizes that she paid extra to the auto wala. She runs behind the auto but the auto speeds away. Urmi is sad. She thinks that she has to go to the bank. Rashi is still trying to call Urmi. Urmi reaches the bank and stands in queue to encash the cheque. Rashi gets stuck in a traffic jam and gets off the auto. Urmi tries to break the queue and requests the people in the queue that she is in a hurry. The bank manager instructs the teller to block Ahem’s cheque and gives him the cheque number. He tells them to hand over the person with the cheque to the cops. One of the guys in the queue agrees to give his place in front of the queue to Urmi. Rashi reaches the bank and searches for Urmi. She spots her just as Urmi is about to hand over cheque to the teller. Rashi grabs the cheque from her hand. Urmi tells her to return the cheque. Rashi tells her that they will encash it tomorrow and takes her aside. She tells Urmi that if she had got late then she (Urmi) would have landed up in jail. She tells her about Radha’s stupidity and Ahem’s call to the manager. Urmi is shocked and tears up the cheque sadly.
Gopi overhears Rashi’s friends telling her that she is lucky she got maid for the kids. Rashi brags that she had told her family that she needs a maid as she cannot take care of 2 kids alone so she got Radha. Gopi is shocked and calls Rashi angrily. Rashi is shocked to see Gopi.
Rashi goes back to her friends in the restaurant and apologizes to them. She asks Radha if Tolu Molu are ok. Radha is standing aside holding the kids pram while Rashi is sitting with her friends. She tells Radha to go outside with the kids so that they don’t get disturbed with the kids crying. She hands over a sandwich to her and Radha leaves with a smile. One of her friends praises her maid (Radha) and praises Rashi for being good to her. Rashi tells them that it is not easy to get a good maid so she has to do all this.
Koki tells Gopi to buy stuff for Nagpanchami puja and tells her to take Radha along so that she gets to go out too. Gopi tells her that Radha went out with Rashi and Koki looks worried. She cribs that she did not inform without going as she could have bought the stuff. She tells her to take auto as the car is in office.
In the restaurant, Radha is sitting outside with the kids along with the other maids. Rashi’s friends are cribbing about their mother in law inside the restaurant and Rashi is having a good time. Rashi tells the waiter to give the left-over food to her maid (Radha) outside. Her friends are impressed.

Urmi enters her home fearfully wondering where MB is. MB calls her and Urmi panics. She asks where she (Urmi) went fooling her. She warns her that she will tell everything to JituBhai if this happens again. Urmi lies that she went to the temple. MB taunts her that she is troubling God too. Urmi says that she was praying so she got late. MB taunts her and tells her to do housework. Urmi asks what work and MB taunts her that tomorrow is Nagpanchami and they have to do lot of preparations. She reminds her that they have to fast too. She taunts her to teach something to Kinjal too as she is always busy in makeup. She warns Urmi again and leaves. Urmi prays to Nagdevta that she will fast but he should appear and kill MB.
Radha is eating pizza outside and Gopi passes by in auto.
Same as before
Gopi gets into the auto after finishing her shopping. She passes by Radha again. The auto stops and the auto wala tells her that the auto is not working. Gopi gets down and pays him. She hears the kids crying and spots Radha in the auto mirror. She turns around and is shocked to see Radha sitting outside with the kids. She sees that she is sitting with the other maids and goes to her. Radha gets annoyed and asks her if she is following her. Gopi goes inside and the other maid asks Radha who she was. Radha replies that she is her elder sister.
Gopi enters the restaurant and overhears Rashi’s friends telling her that she is lucky she got maid for the kids. Rashi brags that she had told her family that she needs a maid as she cannot take care of 2 kids alone so she got Radha. She brags that she has a life too and wants to enjoy herself. Gopi is shocked and calls Rashi angrily. Rashi is shocked to see Gopi. Gopi goes to her. Her friends recognize Gopi and greet her. Gopi greets them back and tells them that she wants to talk to Rashi. She calls her aside. Rashi tells her friends she will be back and goes to Gopi. Gopi asks her how she can behave like this with Radha. Rashi tries to evade but Gopi reminds her that Radha is her sister too. She asks her how she can treat her like a servant. Rashi agrees that Radha is her sister and tells her that Radha herself offered to sit outside with the kids. Gopi tells her that she heard her telling her friends that Radha is her servant. Rashi tries to deny but Gopi refuses to listen. She tells her that she is taking Radha home. Rashi is annoyed but is scared that Gopi will tell everything at home and Koki will not forgive her.
Koki is in Gohem room with Meera and Gopi’s phone rings. Koki says Gopi forgot her phone and sees that MB is calling. She picks up the phone and MB starts talking thinking it’s Gopi. Koki greets her and tells her that Gopi has gone to the market and forgot her phone at home. MB asks why she sent Gopi to market inspite of having servants. She complains why Gopi has to do all the work. Koki replies that having servants does not mean that they don’t do any work. She is about to keep the phone but MB asks for Meera. Koki gives the phone to Meera and tells her to greet her grandmother. Meera greets her. MB teaches her a poem. Koki takes the phone from Meera and MB cribs again. Koki tells that it is not good for kids’ ears to speak on the mobile phone for a long time. She disconnects after saying that she will inform Gopi about her call and MB is annoyed.
Gopi tells Radha to leave with her. Rashi comes out too and calls Gopi. Gopi again tells Radha to come with her. Rashi calls Gopi again but Gopi hands over Tolu-Molu’s pram to Rashi and goes to Radha. But Radha refuses to leave. She asks Gopi why she is telling her to leave as she is having fun. Gopi drags Radha from there and Rashi is worried.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Rashi comes back home and Koki comes out with Gopi and stops her. Koki starts scolding her and Rashi worries that Gopi told Koki everything.

Update Credit to: -dipsy80-

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