Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi challenges Gopi that she will get engaged to Ahem by tomorrow and will marry him soon.

Pari confronts Kinjal and asks her to stop her evil plans with Mansi against Gopi, else she will fall flat on her face. Kinjal asks her to worry about Gopi instead. Pari says she is harming herself by helping Mansi.

Vidya reminisces Rashi’s words that Gopi was not even with her for 10 years and Kokila lying that Gopi was with her mom in Bhujh. She sees Ahem and asks him to tell the truth. He says he already told her truth and asks her to go and sleep. Vidya thinks she always believed Ahem and hopes her belief won’t shatter.

Mansi comes to Kokila’s room and says she cannot sleep with Rashi as she is too mischievous in sleep, so she wants to sleep with him. Gopi hears that and gets tensed. Ahem agrees, but Kokila stops Ahem and asks if he is out of his mind. He says there is no other option. She says she will sleep on floor and let Mansi sleep on bed with Urmila. He says how can she sleep on floor. She says she has a habit and sleeps between him and Gopi. Urmila sees Mansi sleeping with her, thinks of teaching her, slaps her twice, kicks her out of bed and acts as sleeping back. Mansi shouts and falls on Ahem. Kokila asks why is she so shameless and asks her to go out and sleep. Ahem asks Mansi not to create any scene and go out.

Mansi calls Kinjal in the morning and tells she had to sleep on sofa outside with Dhaval who snores a lot. Kinjal gets irked. Mansi asks her not to misunderstand her. Mansi tells she has challenged Gopi that she will get engaged to Ahem tonight. Gopi comes and gives her tea and goes back. Kinjal asks her to be careful as Gopi may have added poison in it. Mansi says Gopi is not that cruel and says she will start her plan now. She asks Ahem to take her out on a date. He hesitates but agrees seeing Gopi. Mansi shows thumbs down to Gopi and smirks.

Vidya reaches Modi bhavan. Everyone get happy seeing her. Meera says she thought she forgot her. Vidya says she has not and invites her for breakfast. Meera says she is going out and walks out.

Gopi tells Kokila that Mansi challenged her yesterday that she will get engaged to Ahem tonight and will marry him soon. Kokila asks why did not she inform her yesterday and says she has to be strict now.

Vidya asks Tolu/molu where was mom for 10 years. They say she as abroad for treatment. Vidya says then why did Ahem tell that she was staying with Radha and Rashi, everyone is giving different answer, she is so confused.

Ahem is about to leave with Mansi for date, sees Kokila and Gopi ready and asks where is she going. Kokila says she wanted him to do a pooja, but since he is going out, she will let Gopi perform Pooja. Mansi thinks this saasu/bahu jodi will ruin her plan, so tells Kokila she will also go with them. Kokila says 3 people cannot go for pooja. Mansi says let them go for pooja, we can go on a date. Ahem says he will not let Gopi do pooja and leaves with Kokila. Mansi tells Gopi whatever she tries, she will succeed in her plan.

Vidya sees Hetal watering plants and says relationships are also should be nurtured like plants. Hetal smiles and nods yes. Vidya asks where was Gopi for 10 years when she was not with Kokila. Hetal says she had been abroad for treatment for 2 years. Vidya asks what illness she had. She says she does not remember. Vidya asks if she took treatment for 2 years, then where was she for remaining 8 years. Hetal gets tensed.

Precap: Vidya tells Meera that their mom was not with Rashi and everyone is lying here, so they have to find out the truth.

Update Credit to: MA

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