Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila sees a bag in Gopi’s hand and asks what is it in it. Gopi says these are silver utensils which baa gave her and Rashi on their first Danthera/dusehra festival. Kinjal says then she should keep them in bank’s locker. Urmila says she does not have thief in her locality. Kinjal says she is worried about thieves inside the house. Urmila gets angry hearing that and asks if she is referring her as thief. Gopi asks them not to fight and says Urmila’s house is safe and will keep utensils in cupboard.

Kokila informs Hetal and Baa that she is going to a temple alone. Baa asks Jigna/Rashi to accompany Kokila. Radha hears their conversation and calls Tripti and informs that Kokila has gone out of house and it is the best opportunity to send Kokila away from her family. Tripti says she will act on her plan now.

Urmila gets angry on Rashi that she gave silver utensils to Gopi instead of her. She calls Rashi and scolds her for not giving utensils to her. Kokila and Rashi reach temple venue. Kokila goes to buy flowers and other pooja items while Rashi is talking to Urmila. Tripti also reaches the temple venue and thinks it is the best opportunity to kill Kokila. Kokila on the other side thinks Rashi/Jigna is behind her and she should get away from her to reach her mother’s house. Tripti sees Rashi with Kokila and remembers how Rashi kicked her and Radha out of house once pulling their hair. Kokila asks Rashi to go with panditji to perform pooja while she goes to a shop and brings pooja items for special pooja. Rashi goes with pandijti while Kokila goes away from her and waits for an opportunity to run from there.

Kokila senses the opportunity and runs from the temple with Tripti following her. Rashi then sees Kokila is not there and goes in search of her.

Ahem asks Gopi if she saw Kokila in the morning when she went to Modi bavan. Gopi says she was afraid that Kokila would get tense seeing her, so she did not meet her.

Kokila gets into an auto and goes to railway station while Rashi sees her going. Rashi asks driver to follow Kokila, but driver says another car in front of their car and he cannot move. Rashi then takes someone’s bike and goes behind Kokila’s auto, but her phone drops on the floor. Kokila sees Rashi following her and asks auto driver to drive fast. Driver informs someone is calling her. Kokila says it is nobody and asks him to drive fast. Cop stops Rashi and asks her license while Kokila’s auto moves away from her.

Cop does no leave Rashi insisting her to show her license as she broke the signal. Rashi says she does not have license. Cop asks her to pay fine then. Rashi takes mobile from cop and calls Jigar. She informs him that Kokila went in an auto and gives him auto’s number. Jigar asks where is she now. Rashi says she is near the temple and asks him to inform Gopi and Ahem soon.

Jigar informs Ahem about Kokila flewing in auto. Kokila reaches railway station. TT asks he to show her ticket. She goes out and tries to buy ticket for her mother’s house. Ticket vendor says no train goes to that place from here and instead she can get down at a nearby station and go by bus from there. Kokila agrees and buys ticket nearby station.

Ahem informs inspector about Kokila flewing in an auto and gives him auto’s number. He then informs Gopi about it who gets worried.

Jigar gives Rashi’s license to a cop who checks it and frees Rashi. Jigar asks Rashi how can she be so careless. Rashi asks her why is he scolding her instead. Jigar says he will drop her home.

Gopi meets Ahem. Ahem gets inspector’s call who informs that Kokila’s auto is outside railwaystation. Gopi and Ahem leave towards railway station in their car.

Rashi comes home alone. Baa and Hetal ask about Kokila. Rashi says Kokila went somewhere. Radha hears that and smirks thinking Tripti did her work. Baa and Hetel get tensed hearing that and Hetal starts scolding Rashi while Radha smirks.

Kokila boards a train. Ahem and Gopi reach railway station and meet inspector who shows him the auto driver. Auto driver sees Kokila’s pic and says he just left her at railway station.

Precap: Gopi gets into the train which Kokila has boarded and starts searching her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. When will kokila regain her memory?????????????????. will it happen now or it will take more 10yrs. Gopiji what is your khanaji doing, does he help you only when rashi is in trouble. Rashi use your head and kick radha till you reach the police station. and hand her over to the police. Radha the snoopgate she snoops on everyones conversation, cant you modis use your head for once

  2. Bakwass episode i only wait for kokila at which time her memory come

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