Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Ahem that they have to follow Anurag as he has kidnapped Gopi. Everyone get shocked. She asks Ahem to come. Rashi says, she will also come with them. Pari also wants to come. Kokila asks her to stay at home and takes Rashi with her. Pari gets worried for Gopi and says let me go. I can also help somehow. Hetal says, if God wishes then they will find Gopi soon. Anurag is in the auto and smiles. Ahem and Jigar are following him. Rashi feels bad not to believed on Gopi. Ahem gets angry on her. Kokila tells Ahem that Rashi can’t think badly about Gopi and asks Rashi not to worry about her sister Gopi.

Tolu and Molu tell Hetal that their mom promised to bring icecream for them. Pari says, she will make noodles. Kids refuses. Hetal assures Meera that Gopi and Rashi will come in sometime. Anurag asks the driver to stop the auto and he will come in 2 mins. Ahem tries to get out of car. Kokila reminds him that Gopi is still in Anurag’s captivity.

Anurag sees Gopi’s earrings stuck on his pant and gets shocked. He sees the Modi family’s car and gets alert. Anurag says, this is Ahem Modi’s car and gets angry. He sits in an auto and leaves. Hetal tells Baa that they know the truth that their Gopi is in trouble. Baa asks her not to worry as everything will be fine. Jigar calls the Police and tells him that he will message him exact location. Ahem and Jigar follow the auto in their car. Anurag misguides them and asks the driver to take him somewhere.

He gets down the auto and escapes. Rashi asks Ahem to stop the car. They start searching for Anurag. Ahem calls the Inspector and tells him to reach Old Jamuna market. Hetal calls Jigar. Jigar tells her that they couldn’t catch Anurag as he escaped somehow. He sees Anurag staring him and cuts the call. Anurag hides behind the car. Hetal tells Baa that they saw Anurag in the Jamuna bazaar. Pari sees the pic of Anurag. Madhuben calls Ahem. Ahem tells her that they couldn’t cacth him. Kokila tells Ahem that if they get Anurag then they can know about Gopi.
Rashi says, she will call Urmila.

Rashi calls Urmila and tells her that Anurag has kidnapped Gopi. Urmila gets shocked. Rashi tells her that they were following Anurag. Urmila says, no one can harm us. She asks Madhuben to come along with her. Madhuben is crying. Urmila asks her to get up and come with her. Madhuben wipes her tears and prays for Gopi. Baa and Hetal get worry for Gopi. Pari asks them to think positive. She calls her husband. Pari looks on. Hetal tells her that kids are asking for Gopi and Rashi.

Anurag comes to the place where he kept Gopi captive and slaps her. He sees her hand and apologizes to Gopi. He says, how can I slap you and starts beating himself. He tells her that he left his wife, home and job for you. Gopi cries. He asks are you mad? Don’t you understand that nobody cares for you at your home. You will be happy with me. You don’t have to work and bears your mom in law and Rashi’s taunts. Gopi tells him that she thought him as her friend, a good human being etc. Anurag says, I am still your friend who wants to give you immense happiness. He shows her chunari and says you will like it surely. He shows her red bangles and says it is good. He acts madly and sings the song Bindiya Chamkegi. Gopi cries badly. Mad Anurag laughs. He tells her that this arrangement is for their marriage. Gopi gets shocked and refuses to marry him.

Urmila enquires with the auto drivers about Anurag. They say they don’t know. Rashi shows him the pic. The auto driver recognizes him and tells the address. Rashi says, it is 2 mins far from here. Police comes there and assures Ahem that they will find Gopi.

Kids worry for Gopi. Pari consoles Meera and tells her that Gopi would be right back and is fine. She asks her to have faith on God and stop crying.

Anurag gets the tape recorder for their marriage instead of calling the pandit. He makes Gopi wear the chunari. Gopi cries aloud for Ahem. Anurag gets angry and gets up. Gopi looks on crying.

Gopi sees Rashi standing from the window and calls her aloud. Rashi hears her voice and turns around.

Update Credit to: MA

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  4. So boring episode….. This Mr.Bean is really disgusting guys I want Rashi to beat him that his nose shout become like a roti…..I idiot as said they must have a family police just like we all have a family doctor…..always keeps on wandering around police stations from the very first I am observing what ever happy moments starts in modi bhavan ends in police stations…….same story as in CID what ever the incident happens ends with the police catching the culprits… there is nothing to watch here even a small kid can narrate the story what will happen in the end……

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