Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with koki telling Premalatha(Urmi) that she needs help in finding a groom for jigna(Rashi). Though they are shocked urmi agrees. Koki says if that is done then a pressure on her head will be reduced. Urmi agrees. She is about to leave. Koki says from when did she start leaving without hugging. Urmi is shocked and hugs her. They leave. Urmi is laughing and rashi says she is tensed. She thanks urmi for the driver kalakari as its coz of that Jigar is at home. Urmi leaves. The kids are walking and gauri goes to GoHem room. She vauguely remembers everything. She gets flashbacks of her memories and gets depressed. Vidya holds her hand and asks what is it didi, she says she is feeling weird and different and runs away from the room. Gauri goes to the mandir running.

She cries and gopi comes there and ask her what happened. She says she is feeling weird here and is also afraid. She is about to sleep there but gopi says she shouldn’t sleep on the floor there but will sleep with her in her room. Koki says NO. she says she brought Gopi to her home so that she can sort the differences with her husband. She says though her husband is short tempered even she is nothing less! Gopi smiles, koki says she is his wife and she has to win his heart. She tells gauri to sleep with baa and she wouldn’t be scared there. Hetal and baa talking, Hetal says in the past though there were many differences between koki and her, they adjusted for the sake of family and everything was going on well, but today everything has gone back. Baa consoles her saying now along with her rashi and gopi are there to take care of the family. Baa and hetal laugh at how koki is imagining urmi to be her best friend. Radha calls tripthi, and says that after a lot of difficulty she could call her. She says that Koki has become mad and she thinks her to be a servant. Tripthi laughs and says its good she is mad, and now she has to send Gauri out of the house. Koki comes down and radha is worried. koki sees Jigar going there and calls him and asks him what is he doing at this late night. He stammers and says he came to take file from chirag sir. Koki says they must be sleeping and tells him to take in the morning and she leaves. Gopi comes to their room and finds ahem sitting on the bed. She goes and sleeps beside him. He asks her how dare she sits on his bed. She gets up and apologises and tells him that she will sleep on the floor. He is shocked and tells her to sleep on the bed and not to remind him of their memeories thinking that she can earn the same place in his heart. Koki wonders what is going on and goes to their room. Gopi and ahem are arguing with each other and slpi and fall down on the bed. They have an eyelock and la la la plays,koki sees this through the door and is happy thinking that their differences might reduce and leaves. She sees Jigar going to Raji room. He and rashi are happy that they are together. Koki comes there and raji are shocked. She slaps Jigar hard and asks him how dare he come inside. She calls everyone and they come to the rom. She accuses the driver (jigar) that he secretly came inside to her sisters room at this hour. she mocks at his character. Chirag and parag try to defend him. Rashi makes an excuse saying he came to repair tubelight but koki doesn’t listen. She tells Jigar that he needs to leave MM the next day morning. He is shocked and looks at rashi. Everyone shocked too. Kokila says despite all the happenings he is still looking at rashi. She grabs his hand and takes away Jigar, she takes him to the verandah. Radha is smirking. She calls mani but she doesn’t respond,she yells louder and then she responds. She asks her to get the bed for jigar here. Ahem buts in and calls mom and covers it saying mam,he tells to go and take rest he will assure jigar stays there. She is about to leave but notices jigar is still looking at rashi and she stands infront of her. (aww poor baby,felt sorry for him)

Precap: Koki while doing pooja, remembers the pooja done by ahem,gopi and meera. She looks at gauri and calls her “dingli”(correct me if i am wrong). gopi looks shocked,who remembers that koki used to call meera the same. Gauri looks confused.

Update Credit to: Madhu

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  1. Update fast ASAP

  2. Plz update fast rahi

  3. Thanx

    Please make koki, gopi, ahem and everyone else remember meera and get rid of Radha I h8 her so much

  4. I just like koki makin radah work as a servent

  5. koki treating radha as mani is the only thing which is interesting but her behavior with jigar is depressing, what did that poor thing do he has always had a soft corner for everyone in the family. he never behaved badly with anyone they why this treatment to him. Actually ahem should also have been getting some harsh treatment from kokila for his past behaviors. but pls end this radha part soon.

  6. Bechara Jigar, feel so sorry for him.

  7. me too feel sorry for jigar but happy that radha is been made work as a servent is the best part

  8. Werz today’s episode

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