Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari is having dinner with Jigar, Kokila and other family members. She reminisces Kokila’s challenge to keep Jigar happy and tells her mobile jokes. Jigar gets irked and goes. She gets a call from someone and walks out. Baa says Jigar is very tensed and this silly girl is telling him jokes.

Baba reaches Urmila’s house. She asks if she can hear Rashi’s voice. Baba takes out his palmtop and says she can speak to Rashi on it. He asks about other family members. She says they have gone out. Baba calls someone from palmtab and lets her talk. Urmila hears some other girl’s house and says this is not her daughter. Baba says your daughter has left her body and it is her soul and asks her to continue talking. Once she gets engaged in talks, Baba goes in and starts stealing.

Pari thinks of ways to please Modi family. She sees Hetal picking flowers for pooja and asks if she can help. Hetal says she just needed 2 flowers and walks out. Kokila watches that and says Gopi that Pari is not misbehaving with anyone. Gopi sees Pari reading jokes on her mobile and smiling and thinks if she gets mobile, she will forget everyone.

Hetal comes with Pappu to Urmila’s home to pick pappu’s clothes. She sees urmila busy no phone and goes in to pick clothes when she sees Baba stealing. She asks pappu to call Urmila. Once Urmila comes, she says Baba is stealing jewelry when she is busy with her mobile. Baba keeps jewelry in Kinjal’s bag and says she is alleging her wrongly while she herself stole and asks Urmila to check Kinjal’s bag.

Pari thinks how to please Jigar, he is always angry on her, she is intelligent and beautiful, but he does not give a heed to her. She gets an idea and goes into Jigar’s room.

Urmila takes out jewelry from Kinjal’s bag and asks her not to allege Baba. She drags Kinjal out and gives her jewelry to Baba. Kinjal asks why is she giving her jewelry. Urmila says Baba let her speak to Rashi and it is his gift. Baba asks Urmila to kick Kinjal out of her house and she does so.

Jigar sees Pari in his room and asks her to go out. Pari asks him to smile and tickles his ribs forcefully. Whole family hears Jigar’s shouting and comes in. Jigar angrily walks out of room. Kokila asks what was she trying to. Pari says she was trying to bring smile on Jigar’s face, but he is very arrogant. Hetal says her son is not arrogant but sad. Kokila asks her to think some other way and make him happy by heart and not trouble him. Gopi sees Pari looking back in her mobile and angrily walking out.

Hetal tries to stop Jigar from going out of house and Kokila asks where is he going. He says wherever he gets peace. Tolu/molu asks him to solve his sums. Jigar agrees and helps them. Pari sees that and thinks she should take kids’ help to make Jigar happy. Urmila reaches there and meets tolu/molu. They happily hug her. She feeds them prasad, sees Pari and asks why is she still here. Pari says it is her house also. Urmila then asks tolu/molu to sleep. They say they have a homework to finish, but agree on Jigar’s insistence. Urmila gifts tolu/molu car and football and asks them to play. They start playing with toys with Vidya and Meera. Gopi brings snacks for her and does not find. Meera says she just now went out. Gopi sees Urmila and Pari arguing. Urmila says it is her daughter’s room, Pari says it is her room. Gopi tries to intervene, but Pari asks her not to interfere now and walks out.

Precap: Pari talks to her dad and says she has gained confidence of Kokila and has trapped her now. She sees Kokila standing in front of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Common story that happens in all serials dad asking daughter yo trap a rich guy to get money the same story I had seen In ek doosre se karte hai pyar hum serial which had been telecasted in star plus formerly… And now the same thing is repeating her it is looking just like the writer is mixing all the stories n extracting a story with great difficulty…writerji…what ever u guys try to do but Rashi ki kami toh hammae zaroor nazar aayega…..we are missing Rashi’s expressions n her cute action… Plz bring Rashi back in to serial just like they bought pankudi back in pyarka dard hai……plz…plz.
    .plz..don’t no why keeping the caption as “SOCH NAYE” why they r showing old stories……..

  2. lokeshwari ur right

  3. Very interesting

  4. I think paridhi and urmi r plotting some plan…..against modis..

  5. I think paridhi and her father would have kidnapped rashi alive.rashi will definitely come back,then only this show will have a happy ending and also a meaningful story.and one more thing earlier when they think meera is dead ,everyone were very sad without makeup but after rashi’s death all (koki) are coming in extra make up.why so?????????

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