Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Gopi why is she looking stressed. Gopi says after Rashi went, all our happiness went with her and Pari is troubling her. Ahem asks her to ignore Pari. Gopi hugs Ahem and says he knows she does not lie.

Pari thinks how to get money to buy back necklace. She comes down and sees Kokila telling Baa that we have many antique items and we can sell it to anyone who can take care of them. Pari says we can sell them on Quikr and says Baa that she will keep money from selling instead. Baa agrees and asks her to find her family necklace in her room as she may have lost it there. She hears Hetal calling Gopi and goes to help her. She sees Hetal’s precious bangles and steals them, looks at god’s idol and says she is stealing it to save her dad from going to jail.

Pari prays god to show her a way to prove her innocence as Pari is alleging her of stealing family necklace.

Kokila and Kinjal come to a jewelry shop to get their jewelry polished. Pari comes with Hetal’s bangles and asks jeweller to give her necklace in exchange. Shopkeeper agrees and keeps bangles in front of Urmila and Kinjal. Kinjal identifies bangles as Modi’s family bangles and tells it to Urmila. Urmila says Modi’s wear fake jewelry and these are original. They both start fighting. Pari hears their voice and runs from there taking necklace. Urmila and Kinjal continue their fight.

Pari’s dad come to Modi bhavan and starts calling Pari. Gopi says she has gone out. He asks her to get her green tea. She agrees. He says she is very nice and asks her to make Pari like her. Pari comes home rushing and clashes with Pari. She instead starts scolding Gopi. Gopi asks where is she coming from. Pari asks why should she answer her and starts misbehaving with her. Kokila hears Pari’s shouting and asks Pari to stop fighting with Gopi and respect her instead. Pari drops necklace in cloth bucket during their fight. Gopi finds necklace in it and says she does not know how it came. Pari says it must have come with clothes. Gopi sees label on necklace and says it came from an outside shop Dhanalaxmi jewellers. Pari gets tensed and says it must be there since a long time and says it must have come while polishing and says Gopi must have not removed label. Kokila asks them both to stop and says she does not want to stretch the issue more, says mistake has happened and she believes it will not be repeated by anyone. Gopi hands back necklace to Pari and she accepts it and smirks.

Pari informs her papa how she got the necklace by stealing Modi’s family necklace and says she feels sorry for them. She asks when is he going back to Delhi. He says he pawned his house to someone and cannot get it back before winning court case. He says she loves Jigar, but he does not care about her at all. She says whatever it is, she will stay here and asks him to stop all his mischiefs as this is also her house now. Kokila comes and says Pari that she knows she loves Jigar a lot and will win his heart some day. Dad says she is telling truth.

Hetal during breakfast says Kokila that Kinjal called her and told about polishing jewelry and says they should also get their family jewelry polished, especially her bangles. Pari gets tensed and starts coughing, holds Jigar’s hand. He asks her to leave his hand. Pari’s dad says they both make a good pair. Hetal says we should call jeweller at home and get jewelry polished.

Precap: Hetal asks Gopi to bring her family bangles. Gopi says she brought all the jewelry in cupboard.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hello everyone…pari loves jigar truely….then why dese updates mention daily dat her plan is to take away jigars wealth…coz its never shown in d episode….
    pls font misguide d readers by updating false things

  2. @rishi they arent misguiding you….. the updates are there so that they tell u that this is possible

  3. but consistently dey keeps updating dat pari wants jigars wealth….and if u watch d episode …its opposite to dat….she is doing evverything to earn jigars love n not wealth ….

  4. yeh shes doing it so that she can get the wealth…….come close to him and take the wealth…….typical drama

  5. typical nonsense.. this is wat this show has turned to be

  6. No she doesnt want wealth……but only jigar…telly updates r being manipulated

  7. non sense serial

  8. Pari, u rock. U really do like Jigar. This serial is getting better day by day. Best serial EVER. PARI ROCKSS

  9. This serial is getting bored en it has no meaning. It doesn’t make any sense. Stupid and boring

  10. Everyone who hate this serial then plz dont read the updates and do not comment bcoz u ruin the whole fun of the episode

  11. Respect others opinion because others also respect your opinion!!!

  12. By the way everyone is free to give their comment.

  13. Radha to come back in saath nibhana Saathiya. .shes helping pari get close to jigar.i got this information from trp of indian serials at facebook.andsaath nibhana saathiya is ending soon and so is yrkkh and pkdh

  14. Yes pari loves jigar but she hates his kids ….wht is dis…is this a true love..and i dont understand the theme of this drama…

  15. no one understands the theme its all rubbish they should end this senseless programme John are you serious PARI ROCKS have you seen her face and the expressions she makes not appealing AT ALL

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