Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach asks Gopi’s team that their one member is missing. Dhaval sees Hetal hiding behind and calls her saying the task is over now. Coach says if they can lost this task, they can win another task next. He says Hetal’s performance was worst and she did not even participate and says he will punish her with kids. He asks kids what is Hetal affraid of. Kids say doggy. Coach says Hetal’s punishment will be related to dog.

Ahem says Kokila that he has some work and will leave now. Gopi asks him to drop at temple. Kokila asks Ahem/Bharath to take Gopi with him as she is his wife. Radha says she also wants to go to temple and will go with them. Kokila scolds her for interfering between husband and wife and asks Gopi/Ahem to go.

Hetal is given a talk of walking 4 dogs at once.

Ahem shows paintball given with marbles to inspector. Inspector checks the gun and sees a cross mark on it, he says it means someone has done it purposefully.

Gopi says she will not send Gopi to the camp as she does not want to take a chance. Inspector says she has to send Gauri to catch the culprit. Ahem says they will send but requests to not let Gauri happen anything as they have lost their daughter already. Inspector asks Gopi and Ahem not to discuss about this to anyone and to keep him informed of everything. He asks them to belive him and relax.

Kokila speaks to Jigna/Rashi on phone. She says Hetal that it is Jigna went to her friend’s house, else nobody would have been here to take care of her if we would ahve gone to camp tomorrow.

Ahem and Gopi reach home. Gopi says she is very much afraid. Ahem assure he is there with her and not be afraid. He goes to park the car and she enters home.

Kokila says Hetal that he was afraid during bungie jumping, but enjoyed later. She sees Gopi coming in and says kids were remembering her, but she made them sleep. She asks Gopi if they brought prasad for her. Ahem says temple was closed. Kokila says it is okay and asks them to have food. She asks Mani/Radha to serve food. Gopi says she wil serve food. Radha asks Gopi why did she go to Ahem’s office. Gopi says nothing and goes out with food. Radha calls Tripti and asks her to forget about tomorrow’s plan and informs about Gopi and Ahem knowing about the marble in gun and they went out together. Tripti says if they would have doubted them, they would have stopped the camp. She says she wants to execute her plan and take revenge with Modis. She asks if she forgot Umang’s death and alleges that she is accustomed to the luxuries of Modi house, so she must have forgotten anything. Radha says she has not forgotten everything. Tripti then asks her to be ready for tomorrow’s plan.

Gopi sings a song at home temple and prays. She says that it is Meera’s 11th birthday today and she believes she is safe, but she cannot give her blessings a mother and wants god to send her blessings to Meera. Ahem hears her conversation and cries.

Kinjal brings bread and milk for Prateek. She hears Rashi shouting for tea. Kinjal says Urmila to take care of her daughter as she cannot tolerate her rubbish. Rashi shouts at Urmila to close her room door as she wants to sleep for some time until tea is brought. Urmila closes the door and then scolds Kinjal to take care of Rashi as her leg is fractured. Kinjal says she is not her servant and says let her go back to Modi Bhavan. Urmila says hope Dhaval gets back his money, he can keep a servant then. Prateek says he safely kept that money with him.

Hetal sees Gopi crying and they both hug emotionally. Kokila sees Gopi crying and asks her why is she crying, if Ahem shouted at her. Gopi says she is fine. Kokila says we should leave for the camp now and says she thinks it is a special day today which she has forgotten. Hetal says Gopi that Kokila remembers Meera’s birthday subconsciously. She asks it is okay if she does not want to come to the camp. Gopi says she wants to go to the camp for Gauri’s sake. Gopi thinks on her child’s birthday she will not let anything happen to this child/Gauri.

Prateek shows Kinjal and Urmila the place he hid money safely. Urmila praises Prateek for being so intelligent. Kinjal takes money bag from Prateek, keeps it in her room cupboard locker and says she will give it to Dhaval, he will decide what to do with this money.

Kokila’s family reaches camp. Radha says she will go to bathroom and come back. Kokila asks her to keep the bags inside and then go. Inspector comes there and informs Ahem and Gopi that he has his policemen around the camp and they will catch the culprit soon.

Precap: Gauri’s trekking rope cuts and she falls from the cliff.

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  1. When will this end !…when kokila will gain her memory back nd everythinh wiu be ckear to all???! Hope this ends sooner ….really going boring 🙁

  2. Hetal has to walk dogs hahahaha

  3. It’s getting really boring day by day

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