Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem tells that he don’t understand what has happened to Gopi. Gopi says it is not like that. Once you asked me to take care of Paridhi. She asks them to have trust on her. She folds her hand infront of Paridhi’s dad asking him to let Kokila come out of police lock up and take the complaint back. He agrees and asks her to find her daughter. Gopi says this is a promise of a daughter. He says I trusts you fully. Gopi says my first step will be to apologize to Vivaan.

Paridhi is seen in Vivaan’s captivity. He touches her face. Paridhi asks him to stay away from her. Vivaan laughs. He gets Ahem’s call asking him to come to his house as Gopi wants to talk to him. Vivaan says let him that it is not needed. Ahem insists so he agrees to come. Paridhi tries to speak but couldn’t as Vivaan keeps his hand on her mouth. Vivaan informs Pari. Pari thinks why Gopi wants to apologize to him. Vivaan comes to Modi House. Ahem asks him to sit. Gopi apologizes to Vivaan and tells him that she was wrong. Vivaan says its ok. Meethi brings tea. Gopi gives him tea and intentionally throws it on Vivaan’s shirt. She then says sorry.

Vivaan says he have to go for a meeting and leaves. Ahem then calls Urmila. Urmila comes with sniffer dog. She tells everyone about her plan. She says this is bunty, a smart dog and it will help us find Paridhi. Ahem asks did you want to become a spy. Gopi tells him that it is a sniffer dog. Urmila tells that she sprayed perfume on his car. Gopi says she will prove that Vivaan kidnapped Pari. Gopi asks Jigar to come. He agrees. Kokila stops her and says she will also come. Ahem says he will also come. They all leave in the car. Bunty stops after running a while and takes them to a place where the truck is parked. It starts barking.

Paridhi sees them coming and tries to shout. Kokila tells Gopi that the truck is locked. Pari feels miserable. Gopi feels pari’s presence. Kokila tells that she knows the truth, but you can’t believe it. She asks her to come. Gopi looks at the truck for the last time. Pari cries as she is unable to shout. Ahem takes Gopi. Radha and Vivaan are seeing them from from far. Vivaan applaud for Radha’s presence of mind. A flashback is shown, Radha asks Vivaan to take the car in different directions and then sprays perfume on it. She tells Vivaan about hearing Urmila and Gopi’s talk. She tells him to be careful.

Pari sees Radha with Vivaan and gets shocked. Viaan opens the truck door. Radha asks her how are you? Pari says you are very cheap. Radha says this is happening because of you. Pari says she loves Jigar and asks why you are after Modi family. She asks what do you want. Radha says she wants jigar, his wealth and everything. She says she is well aware that Modi family hates her. Pari says you deserves their hatred. Pari calls her mentally ill. Radha raises her hand to slap Pari. Vivaan stops her hand.

Radha warns Vivaan to control on his love. Vivaan asks her to leave and says he will not let her touch his paridhi. Radha is shocked.

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  1. Useless piece of crap, I’d rather watch my bread go stale

  2. I hope Vivaan Realizes That If He Really Loved Pari He Would Let Her Go he Should Than Send Radha To Jail Again And Admit Everything

  3. I think vivaan will be the one to bring radha down as she will not be able to control her hatred for pari

  4. Radha is such an evil lady. I love it.

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