Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Nani saying that she is happy that both gopi and kinjal aren’t the murderers. So she says she would leave now but asks koki to inform her who murdered umang.koki asks jigar to frop her in the station. In shahs house, urmi asks kinjal to make tea for her. Kinjal taunts her saying who would drink tea from a murderer, what if she mixes poison in it. Urmi gets irritated and says that its her mother and bhabis fault that they didn’t trust her. Kinjal says whatever it is, she has a husband who was ready to take her blame on himself but if urmi goes to jail,her husband jitu bhai would have been very happy. Urmi gets irritated and kinjal leaves. Urmi decides to go to MM rather than arguing with kinjal. In MM, Rashi thinks that first urmi was

suspected, then gopi took the blame of kinjal and kinjal also confirmed that she didn’t murder, and now she is left so before everyone starts suspecting her, she should find the murderer. Radha is crying in her room looking at the mangalsutra and tripthi comes there, she decides to take all the jewellery from her. Tripthi goes to her and tells her not to cry and umang wouldn’t come back. She also adds thet her sister took umang away from her and tells radha that they should learn living without him. Tripthi tells radha to return all the stuff Umang has given her as, as long as they are there with her, she cant forget him. Rashi is listening all this and is shocked. Tripthi continues that its quite natural remembering umang seeing all the jewellery he has given her. She gives radha a bag and asks her to put the jewellery in it and she will take care of them. Radha agrees, rashi wonders what is going in tripthi’s head. Rashi comes running to Koki and Gopi and tells them she saw tripthi taking away radha’s jewellery. Koki and gopi wonder why is she doing that and in mean time tripthi comes silently downstairs. Rashi suspects that she is trying to go away from home and also tells them that they shouldn’t let her run away. rashi goes running to her and runs into tripthi. The bag falls and the jewellery fall down. Radha, gopi,koki comes. Koki asks where is she going with radha’s jewellery, rashi says she must be running away. tripthi says no and tells radha that she was about to put them in locker. Koki says if she is so worried for the jewellery then she can give them,she would keep them safely. Rashi is about to take them and radha yells at her, and tells her not to touch the bag. She tells that they are her jewellery and she decides where to keep. She also says she trusts tripthi more than the trio(gopi, rashi, koki) so they would be with tripthi. Rashi tells that for sure tripthi is upto something and koki tells they would keep an eye on her. The lawyer and police arrive at MM, and the lawyer says that the hearing of the case in the court is in 2 days and if its proved she is murderer she will be sent to jail, rashi tells but she is sick and the lawyer replies that in that case she would be treated in government hospital under police security. The police says that since the next day is holiday they would come day after tomorrow and take gopi to jail and they leave. Koki says they have only one day to catch the actual murderer and gopi is worried, she assures that she wouldn’t let gopi go to jail. Urmi comes to MM and runs into Meethi, she sees her wearing red dress, and starts shouting murderer and comes inside running. Koki and rashi asks why she is running and afraid, urmi replies she saw the murderer. Rashi asks who is the murderer, she says meethi. Koki asks on what basis she is saying meethi’s name, while urmi replies the saree, it was the same saree she saw a lady wearing on the day umang was murdered. Urmi tells them to call the police and koki says lets first confirm as meethi works here from quite long time and without proof they cant question her. Rashi takes urmila away and tells that urmi that may be her health isn’t fine so she should go and take rest. Urmi tells that she was irritated with kinjal so came to talk to rashi but she is too busy with others’ matter. Rashi asks her to stop acting and urmi is annoyed and leaves. Meethi comes there and Koki asks why did she wear a saree? She replies saying she should go to wedding, rashi and gopi observe the saree, koki asks who gave her the saree, and meeethi replies tripthi. She says that tripthi wore this saree on her marriage day but its of no use now so she gave it to her. Koki sends her away.
Urmi comes and asks kinjal for dinner, and she replies that she ddint make it as whenever urmi goes to MM she comes only after she eats, so she didn’t make it. Urmi says her kaamchor and she replies yes she is kaamchor and asks her to make food for herself. Urmi is annoyed. In MM house, Koki asks Gopi which color saree she wore on the marriage day and gopi replies red. Rashi says even meethi wore read and tripthi has given it. Koki says that tripthi wore the read saree on the wedding day. Gopi is shocked and says this means tripthi killed umang. Rashi wonders why she would kill him as he is her husband and she was his partner in stealing things. Koki says tripthi didn’t like radha and umang coming close, so due to jealousy and insecurity she killed him. Gopi says how will they prove it. Koki remembers that tripthi was running away from koki’s room while gopi came to tear kinjal’s finger print paper. Koki says she might have come to take her paper and ran away coz gopi was there. Rashi agrees with Koki. She also says that they were always suspecting their family and didn’t suspect the important one. Koki says that though they don’t have enough proof, they should disclose tripthi’s identity infront of radha and find the actual murderer. Gopi says that tripthi is too intelligent, koki says but now since umang isn’t there, tripthi is weak and single and they will take advantage of it and make her confess the truth. Rashi says she has a plan and koki asks what is it, rashi says it isn’t that good and koki asks her to tell. Rashi says the way she frightened gopi by becoming a ghost, they should do the same thing with tripthi too. Rashi tells her not to scold her now as she was already punished for becoming a ghost. Koki says no her idea is great but they cant implement it alone. Rashi tells her to tell the whole family but she says she would tell to ahem and jigar in the morning and take their help. Koki tells that tomorrow is uttarayan( a festival in Hinduism) where sun god takes a new direction and moves towards east and they would also get a new direction from tomorrow. Episode ends on koki’s determined face.

Precap for Monday: Koki tells ahem and jigar that they knew who the murderer is and rashi says tripthi. Both are shocked. She says they made a plan and by god’s grace with it tripthi might confess her crime.

Update Credit to: MADHU

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