Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopi telling Radha that if she troubles her family again, she will protect them and she cannot even touch her family. Hetal asks Pari to call Meethi to clean the messup. Urmila and Kinjal also leave for their home. Kokila says Gopi that she has not forgiven her yet and has broken 7 vows given to her. She says she kicked Pari out, but Gopi brought her back and Pari brought Radha who is troubling everyone, so she cannot forgive her. Pari hears their conversation and thinks she will clear the differences between them, thinks she will take kid’s help.

Pari tells kids that they have to clear difference between Gopi and Kokila. They ask how to do it. She tells her plan to them. Gopi in her room also thinks how to calm down Kokila. Vidya comes to her room and insists she wants to sleep with her. Gopi hesitantly agrees and sleeps with her. Pari gives hot water pot to Meera and sends her to Gopi’s room. She then sees Kokila with Hetal and tells Hetal that Gopi has got fever thinking about Kokila’s hatred and is not eating anything. Hetal tells Kokila to go and feed her something. Kokila agrees and they all 3 go to Gopi’s room.

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Kids dip thermometer in hot tea cup just before Kokila comes to Gopi’s room with Hetal and Pari. She checks Gopi’s forehead and says she does not have fever. Vidya shows her thermometer and says Gopi has 102 degrees fever. Kokila feels stickiness on thermoter, checks under bed and finds tea cup. She scolds Gopi for telling lie to gain back her confidence. Gopi says she does not know about it. Pari says she did this and Pari does not know about it. Kokila asks her not interfere in her family issues and angrily walks out. Gopi says Pari that it is the issue between her and her maaji/kokila and she does not want anybody’s interference. Pari gets sad. Gopi says she knows her intention was not wrong, but with lies, nothing can be corrected, soon her and Kokila’s relationship will be fine. Pari says she is responsible for their bitter relationship and will go from here. Gopi says Jigar himself has held her, then she should not go. She says Jigar wanted to teach Radha a lesson, so he held her here. Gopi says Jigar’s heart is melting towards her, so she should not lose hope.

Urmila’s tentants meet Kinjal and asks how is she feeling now. Kinjal asks what happened to her. They say Urmila told she has got dengue and even asked all tenants to vacate before they get dengue, so they have started finding houses. Kinjal says she should find what is going in Urmila’s mind.

Jigar gets tensed about his problem. Pari comes and says she will solve his problem and says we should remove love and replace it with friendship, then they can freely exchange their problems. Tolu/molu hear their conversation and tell Jigar that he should accept Pari’s friendship. He accepts and shakes hands with her. She kisses his cheek and says it is a friendship kiss. They all then take a selfie. Radha sees that and gets irked.

Urmila’s tenants tell her that new owners are asking huge deposit amount. Urmila says she will give them 10000 rs each as deposit. Kinjal is surprised to hear that and thinks of finding out the secret.

Gopi gets a pickle order and tells Hetal that she cannot fulfill it without Rashi. Hetal gives her moral gyaan and Gopi agrees. Radha hears this and thinks slowly Modi’s lives are getting back to their, which is harmful to her and she should plan something now to ruin their happiness.

Gopi gives lunch box to Ahem and he says he will order outside food. Kokila tells him that he should not insult food and should accept lunch box. He leaves with lunchbox. Gopi thanks her. She says she has not forgiven her yet and did this as Ahem gets ill eating outside food.

Precap: Kokila says Hetal she is going out and asks to accompany her. Hetal says she is not feeling well and cannot come. Radha hears their conversation and thinks this is the right time to execute her plan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Radha please do something fun to execute your plan. U and Pari are the only reason, iam watching this serial. Please keep updating. Great serial.

  2. i hate all cast of saaathiya just bring rashi back

  3. I agree wid u I just luv only rashi in dis serial

  4. Remove this radha she is so weird. Bring rashi or else replace this show.its so boring

  5. niranjan agnihotri

    Radha is so s*xy, and jigar should have s*x with her and pari in a threesome.

  6. i wish tripthi shud come back………. radha-tripthi duo is superbb… but radha alone is boring……

  7. REplace this show by main tera hero. So boring kokila gopi radha pari..discusting without rashi

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