Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2014 Written Update

Koki says until differences are not over between ahem and gopi, they will live with her in her house. Ahem looks angrily at gopi. Koki asks him why he’s looking at her angrily, if he says no, then he will lose his job. Rashi tells ahem to say yes. Ahem finally agrees. They leave in car. Gopi takes gauri with her.

Kinjal tells her husband about koki’s condition. He tells her she will be fine. Don’t know whose bad sight their family got. He receives a call and gets tensed. He tells her he will have to go somewhere now and leaves. Kinjal wonders where he went this late.

Seeing the house, koki gets some flashbacks. She confirms if house is theirs as it seems different. Baa tells her she is glad to see her back. Koki says she seems different too. Rashi gives sign to Baa. Baa asks her to come in instead questioning all at the door.

Kids come and hug her. Koki fails to recognize them as well. Rashi goes to jigar and says they sent him first so he explains everything to baa and kids. Jigar says kids were playing outside. koki tells the kids that she’s her mother, not dadi. She sees kinjal, ahem, jigar in the kids. She tells them not to joke next time. Everyone is shocked. Rashi thinks she never thought anything like this could happen. Kids go to Rashi and question her. Rashi tells them to do whatever koki says, she will explain them later. Koki asks whats going on. Kids say mum was saying that… Koki asks what joke is this. You’re telling your mum dadi and mum to masi. Ahem and gopi come so koki’s attention goes to them. She introduces gopi and ahem to the kids as their new guests. Kids get happy when koki asks gopi to come in. As they approach to come in, koki strikes something and stops them. Rashi afraid that koki got memory back, but koki tells gopi to hold ahem’s hand and then enter as they are husband and wife. Rashi gets happy. Gopi and ahem look at each other. Koki orders them. Ahem holds gopi’s hand and they walk in.

Rashi asks gauri to come in as well. Koki tells the kids that she’s eldest daughter of this house because she saved her life. Koki is surprised to know kids and gauri already know each other. Koki sees radha standing there. She calls her mani and asks her to go and work, so many guests have come so prepare food for them. Rashi again gets happy. Koki is having pain. Everyone tells her to go and rest. Koki tells Gauri to take this as her house. Radha decides to keep an eye on gauri. Koki is leaving and she sees Radha going with the kids. She stops her and orders to go and work in kitchen.

Jigar is consoling Rashi. Koki sees it and shouts on them. She asks who is that man and why an outsider is listening their conversation. She asks him to leave. She grabs his hand and drags him outside. Everyone stops them saying he’s their driver. Koki says he doesn’t look like a driver looking at his clothes. They then tell Koki, he is not only driver, but also helps them out with small house work. Koki thinks her injury is serious that she is not able to understand anything. Baa sends Koki to her room. Gauri feels she has already come to this house before. She walks to the mandir and prays. Baa asks her how she knows there is a mandir. Gauri says she doesn’t know, she just felt like it. Everyone looks at her.

Precap: Koki sees jigar going in his room. Rashi says thank god you came, i thought because of kaki ji you won’t be able to come. Koki opens the door and sees them holding each others hands.

Update Credit to: Rahi

  1. Oh no please just get rid of Radha or change her
    Please send tripti to prison
    Let koki Get her memory so than she can tell the truth

  2. I just feel like cryin for meera she been takin her away from her family

  3. lost patience with the serial ,dragging too much whole week is getting over and till now radhas real self is not out. koki knows everything and she lost her memory. hw much more are u going to trouble gopi and meera

  4. Very Boring..Very very boring.Koki can remember everyone expect the main characters Ahem & Gopi..Why do u really had to take the memory lost part..too fake.I stopped watching it….cant handle tooooo much drama

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