Saath Nibhana Beheinaa- Season 1 Part 3

Preeta and Pragya arrive in a nearby town. They see a temple and go inside. Both sisters pray. “ Kahna Ji, please unite us with our sister. We are never met her but she needs us now. She needs her daughters and her family.” Pragya cries. A bhajan plays. Gopi arrives at the same temple and prays behind them. Preeta and Pragya did not realise their sister was behind them. Gopi drops something on the floor. She picks it up. Preeta and Pragya don’t see her and walk past. Gopi senses a weird feeling and looks back at the girls but turns forward again.
Preeta and Pragya leave the temple. “ Di, we were told she is in this town but where do we find her.” Preeta says.
“ I don’t know Preeta. But we cant give up. The banking society told us that she was in this town but they did not know her address as she moved away somewhere else when Vidya was kidnapped.” Pragya says. Suddenly, a Bugatti car comes zooming. Pragya is on the road. “ Pragya Di move!” Screams Preeta. The car tries to slow down but it knocks Preeta over. Preeta is shocked. A man comes out of the car. He is very arrogant. Wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. His face is shown (Dheeraj Dhoopar). Preeta recognised him. He was a famous Bollywood actor called Karan Virani, one of the most famous families in Bollywood. Preeta hated his guts.
“ Sorry madam, I did not see her on the road.” Karan says.
“ You stupid duffer. My di is hurt because of you. You will help me take her to hospital. I do not care if you are some famous actor. I will take you to court.” Preeta says.
“ Hey Jhansi ki rani, I will help you take her to hospital and I am flattered you recognise me. Am I that handsome and famous?” Karan laughs.
“ Handsome my foot. You are disgusting. I know all about you and your affairs.” Preeta says.
“ Oh so you stalk me?” Karan flirts. Preeta is disgusted.
“ Just help me lift my di into the car so we can go to the hospital.” Preeta angrily says. Karan agrees. Both lift Pragya. They both look into each other’s eyes. Sajdaa tera sajdaa song plays in background. They put her in the car and drive off to the hospital. At the hospital, later on, the doctor comes out of the ward.
“ She was just unconscious but she has sprained her leg. She cannot travel for a few weeks. She needs rest.” The doctor says and he leaves.
“ I guess I should leave then.” Karan says after he signs people’s autographs. Preeta grabs his hand.
“ No. This is your fault. We have no home and Di cannot stay at some hotel anymore. She needs a proper home. You take us to your house.” Preeta demands.
“ I am a big celebrity. I cannot let you stay at my mansion.” Karan laughs.
“ You let me and my di stay at your mansion or I will tell the police that you caused this accident. Now what?” Preeta laughs back. Karan gets furious and agrees.
“ Fine but as soon as she recovers, you both are out. I will take you both.” Karan says.
In the evening, Karan takes Pragya and Preeta to Virani Mansion. It was a massive villa with a swimming pool, tennis court and over 40 bed rooms. The Virani family were very rich people. Preeta was amazed but Pragya was angry at her.
“ Such big people and you wanted to come here? Why do dumb ideas come in your head?” Pragya says.
“ Di, we get to live with celebrities for a few days. It is going to be fun. I just hate this Karan.” Preeta says.
“ Fine, but it is up to you to find Gopi di now. I cannot walk around so easily.” Pragya says. All three come out of the mansion. The guards open the doors. They enter the mansion.
“ Do not annoy my family members whilst you are here please. I will introduce you to them.” Karan sats. They arrive at the lounge hall. Five women are sat there. One is their Dadi (Neelam Mehra). Her name was Bani Virani. The other was Karan’s mom Rakhi Virani (Anisha Hinduja). Bani’s sister Savita Malhotra (Apara Mehta). Bani’s two daughters Ganga (Shilpa Sakhlani) and Taniya (Rakshanda Khan). They all notice Preeta and Pragya and are confused. Rakhi firsts speaks.
“ Karan, who are these two girls?” Rakhi asks.
“ Mom, I caused this girl’s accident. They have nowhere to go.” Karan says. Ganga laughs and walks upto Preeta and Pragya.
“ Girls these days. They see a handsome celebrity and they do anything to come to his house. I have never met a girl who would fake her own injury.” Ganga says. Vamp tune plays.
“ No Bua, I took them to hospital myself. The injury is real. It was my fault so I brought them here.” Karan says.
“ Let them stay here Ganga. They seem like good girls.” Savita says.
“ I agree.” Dadi says. Taniya gets up.
“ If they stay here, they stay with the tutor Gopi in her room.” Taniya says. Preeta and Pragya are shocked.
“ Did you just say Gopi?” Pragya asks.
“ Yes, I did. She is upstairs. I will call her. Gopi!” Taniya calls. Gopi comes down the stairs. Preeta and Pragya get emotional when they see Gopi. Gopi approaches them.
“ Gopi is our children’s tutor. We kept her here. She helps them with their homework and exams.” Rakhi says.
“ She is our servant as well.” Ganga says. Taniya laughs. Gopi’s face turns red. Rakhi and Dadi get angry.
“ She is part of our family do you understand?” Dadi says. Ganga goes away in anger.
“ Gopi beta, please take these two girls to their rooms. You didn’t tell me your names?” Rakhi asks.
“ I am Preeta and she is Pragya.” Preeta says.
“ Very lovely names.” Savita says. Gopi takes the girls to her room. In the room, Preeta quickly locks the door. Gopi is confused.
“ Arey, what are you doing? Why are you both acting strange with me?” Gopi asks.
“ Are you Gopi Modi, Ahem Modi’s wife?” Pragya asks. Gopi is shocked.
“ Yes but how do you know my husband?” Gopi asks.
“ Because we have been at your house. We have met your family and believe me, they need you.” Pragya cries. Both sisters hug Gopi.
“ Who are you both girls?” Gopi asks again.
“ We are you sisters.” Preeta cries. Both sisters explain the whole story to Gopi. Gopi is shocked. She is even more shocked to learn that Radha had caused Meera to fall off the cliff, kidnapped Vidya and brought a humshakal into their house.
“ You both are my younger sisters and I didn’t know? I cannot believe Radha would do something like this.” Gopi breaks down. Both sisters try to comfort her. Karan is listening to the conversation. He enters the room.
“ I will help you.” Karan says. Preeta gets annoyed.
“ Why will you help us?” Preeta asks.
“ Hey dumbo, not to help you, but help Gopi Ji. I respect her a lot and she takes care of this family so well.” Karan says.
“ Thank you Karan but with my lookalike there, I don’t know if they will believe me.” Gopi says.
“ I have seen these situations in movies and I have a brilliant idea. If that woman is Gopi in your house, you pretend to be someone else as well.” Karan says.
“ What do you mean?” Pragya says.
“ Gopi Ji should take on a new identity with a new avatar to expose her sister Radha!” Karan says. Gopi is happy with the plan. Preeta is satisfied but Pragya is confused.
“ How will we manage this though? Everyone knows her as Gopi right?” Pragya says.
“ I am Karan Virani, famous actor. I can take care of it. Trust me.” Karan says.
A girl enters the Virani Mansion and a storm happens. She was a famous actress as well. Vamp tune plays. The servants are mopping the floor. She pushes the servant out of the way.
“ Don’t come in my way next time!” The girl shouts. Rakhi, her mother arrives.
“ Paru beta, please calm down.” Rakhi says.
“ Mom, I have just come back from a party and I am tired. I do not want any disturbance.” The girl says. She flips her hair. She is shown (Ada Khan). Sesha’s naagin music background plays.
“ Fine fine, I will let them know.” Rakhi says. Paru smirks evilly. She sits in the lounge. She receives a call from her best friend.
“ Hey! How are you?” Paru says.
“ I am fine Paru, where are you?” The other girl says.
“ I am at home.” Paru says.
“ Is Karan at home?” The girl asks.
“ Yes and I give your permission to meet him.” Laughs Paro.
“ Cheers darling.” The other girl laughs as well. The other girl is shown in the shadows. Vamp tune plays.

Precap- Pragya, Preeta and Karan come downstairs. Pragya and Preeta are shocked to see Paro’s best friend.

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  1. Awwwww it was indeed a happy moment when the sisters reunited,I like the spark between Preeta and Karan,it seems to me as though this Paru character will have shades of negativity. Virani Mansion wow forty bedrooms?? That is like a hotel. I enjoyed it waiting anxiously on your next FF.

    1. Isaaq

      Yep Paro is going to be one of the main vamps. Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Jasminerahul

    sad that pragya preeta couldnt see gopi though they were in the same temple.karan is a bollywood star caused pragya’s accident by mistake.oh.preeran nok jhok..eye lock with sajda song was romantic.preeta is like shrishti of KDB.lovely twist that karan took preeta pragya to his house n there they met gopi who is the tutor of their kids.loved preeta pragya informing her everything n karan joining them to help them.karan’s idea to send gopi there with a new identity is superb.surorised to see Virani family instead of Luthra.but shocked to see Ganga n Tanya -ve here.Though Tanya turned -ve later Ganga was a sweet girl in kyunki.surprised to see Ada as the actress sister of her best friend Tanu who is interested in Karan or another girl like Radha?

    1. Isaaq

      It is Tanu who is her best friend yes.

      Tanu will be Preeta and Pragya vamp

      Radha will be Gopi’s vamp

      When a maha episode happens, both fan fictions will join together time to time for a special episode, since I am planning a Gopi Destiny 2 which will be a spin off of this ff.

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