Saath Hai Toh Baat Hai – Episode 3

Hey all ,here is next episode. Before reading ,I would like to tell that I am not pointing any character ,this is for just an story.

At college,


Gehna and Tia come at the gate . Gehna was about to enter then  ,A large crowd stand in line with flowers .

Behind her Kanak and Riya enter from behind , and says Our day got bad now ,.

All starts to tease gehna . Tia was about to tell ,but gehna stops her and they both go inside the classroom .

During lecture too , Kanak and Riya were troubling gehna  but she was Focused in class or lecture.

After lecture ,


There is a debate competition in our campus ,those who want to take part can take by registering their name 📛. Their will be also winning prize of 1,00,000/-.

After registering her name ,

Gehna goes infront of car and stand and say – I didn’t tell about anything till now , I Gehna challenge Kanak for debate competition.

Kanak- challenge accepted.

In the car ,

Riya- are you sure you will win the debate ?

Kanak- Don’t worry , I know what to do and laughs evilly.


In the cafe ,

The guy is Rahul Radhika s best friend.

Their chit chat was too long ,and and they have gone to home.

At Radhika s mansion ,

Radhika- I love Anant but always feel attached with Rahul ,I don’t know why? Maybe I love Rahul otherwise it is just a thought . Nevermind .

At Anant s home( after completing work ,he has come to home)

Anant- I need to go for debate competition , so I should sleep now .

Anant just closed eyes and a picture came infront of him. 

He wakes up sternly and says – I think I am taking stress ,I should call doctor.

After sometime , doctor comes ,

Doctor- it is nothing ,but a big problem

Anant- what is it doctor

Doctor- This is chemical reaction called love

Anant- serious (laughingly) and says thank you doctor .

Gives him fees and sleeps.

Gehna is doing sleepover at Tia home,

At night,

Gehna- I have told but do you think I am ready for it ?

Tia- yes you will do the best .

Gehna- oh ha I forgot to text my leave application for tomorrow .

Tia- give I will do.

After typing and sending they both sleeps.

Next Morning ,

Anant PA – Sir , our new SM has asking for leave.

Anant- what does she want ? Sees the time and says I will see afterwards ,I need to go to college for debate competition .(sry for mistake , but I forgot it was debate not fanfest)

The competition will be in evening.

In debate competition ,

One by one all gave their speech on the topic of parents . Anant was getting emotional after hearing ,but controlled himself .

And last turn was gehna . After her speech , Anant understand her and think he did so wrong with her .

After the speech of principal ,

The winner is Gehna . Kanak was shocked 😲😲😲. Riya says I have told you na ,now come I have a plan .

Gehna get award from Anant .

And episode Ends.

Hope you all like it.i didn’t add much images . Pls comment your views . If you want then I can continue it with twist ,it depends on your comment.

Note – I will upload sblk epi 3 and wbff 1 soon.



  1. Jasminerahul

    Why do kanak n riya hate gehna?radhika is slowly realising that she loves her bf Rahul more.nice which actor is Rahul?anant seeing gehna when he closed his eyes was nice.since the doctor told him that its love did anant realize that he loves gehna?anant realising that he did wrong to gehna was nice.perfect pics.plz do continue with more twists.

    1. Tina03

      Kanak and Riya will realise soon ,then they will be positive character .I don’t watch films ,so any could be . Ok and thank you

  2. Awesome
    I’m sorry again
    I have test and exams here and then
    So i was bus studying
    I will be regular from now in
    Thank u so much
    I am loving it more and more

  3. Awesome
    I’m sorry again
    I have test and exams here and then
    So i was bus studying
    I will be regular from now in
    Thank u so much

    I am loving it more and more
    U accepted my request thank u

    1. Tina03

      Hey , no need for sry next episode willbe uploaded tomorrow

    2. Tina03

      Hey , no need for sry next episode will be uploaded tomorrow .Welcome .

  4. Hi fan fiction maker you are doing awesome but make more episodes too . Plz do some more twist fast as soon
    and plz add a character ‘sagar’ if you want to know about him more go to sns 2 wikipedia plot and check who is sagar and plz make more it nice

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