Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Won’t Give Up

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After prabhath’s death anniversary/barsi pooja, Pandit asks Bulbul to distribute prasad to everyone and waarns that only family bahu should do it. Bulbul asks Ananth to have food andd go. Mandira silently walks into kitchen and picks plates to distribute prasad. Ananth walks in and asks what is she doing in kitchen. Mandira nervously says she did not want to come, but Sadhna and Gayatri sent her to serve food. Gayatri walks in and says what is wrong in it, even Mandira is like bahu of this house. Ananth laughs and says she is right, even he is this house’s son then. Mandira walks out of kitchen fuming. Kishori notices her. Bulbul asks him what happened. He says Mandira’s black shadow will be on her house always, but she has to continue her duties and ward off this black shadow from her house.

Bulbul walks into Vijay’s room and sees him crying. Vijay says he is remembering Prabhath a lot. Bulbul consoles her and says good Angad has taken up responsibility and he will support you like you were to Prabhath.

Mandira reminisces Ananth’s heart softening towards Vijay, acts inebriated when Ananth returns and says Prabath wanted to make her bahu, but she failed, sorry Prabath bhaiya she failed. Ananth walks out fuming. Mandira gets upp and thinks whenever Ananth forget to take revenge from Vijay, she will remind him.

Vijay walks into Angad’s room and searches him. He finds torn party promotional papers. Bulbul walks in. Vijay says he found these here, if Agad’s anger is political. Bulbul reminisces incident and says she thinks yes. Vijay checks nomination papers and does not find Angad’s nomination paper. He says he will ask Sadhna. Bulbul stops him and says Sadhna is emotionally labile now, he should speak to her in the morning.

Sadhna reminisces Prabath’s romance and hears Prabhath’s voice. She peeps via window and sees Prabath walking away. She rushes out of house. Bulbul sees her and hugging her asks what happened. Sadhna nervously says nothing. Bulbul takes her in. A man is seen watching them. Bulbul consoles Sadhna and goes to close window and stands shocked.

Precap: Vijay tells Sadhna that he found torn nomination paper in Angad’s room, if he wanted to fight elections. Sadhna says Angad wanted to get nomination on merit. Vijay says he did not get any form.

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