Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Ousts Madira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay silently burns Mandira/Misri’s ghunghat/veil. Vasu shouts fire. Mandira throws ghunghat. Family throws water and sets off fire. They are all shocked to see Mandira. Bulbul asks where is Misri, what did she do with her. Mandira laughs and says they must be surprised thinking where did Misri go. Gayatri says she saw Misri’s burnt face. Mandira says she learnt this trick and took Misri’s place. She removed her burn makeup. Vijay says snake will bite even if it is caged for years and says he realized it is her 3 months ago and even went to mental hospital, but she reached there on time, this time he game has ended prematurely. Mandira says it is her and Vijay’s child and not Bulbul’s. Bulbul cries her child. Vijay shouts at her to shut up, because of her all this happened, he will kick out Mandira. Mandira brainwashes Bulbul that she will become mother via her and asks to speak doctor, if she goes here, Bulbul’s child will go away forever and cannot see baby’s face in life. Bulbul thinks if Mandira is telling truth what she should do. She tries to take Mandira’s phone to speak to doctor, but Vijay throws phone and says it does not matter for him. Bulbul says her child. Vijay says he does not need this child if Mandira will bear it and asks Mandira to get out of his house. Mandira says she was tired of being under ghunghat, she came here to live and not go out. Vijay warns to get out. Mandira says Bulbul that Vijay hates me so much that she can let Bulbul childless for life, she is pity for Bulbul.. Vijay says he wants to be childless than giving name to Mandira’s child, he does not care where she goes. Mandira says Bulbul god gave her 1 chance to become mother, but she cannot now, will she not say bye to her child one last time. Bulbul tries to touch Mandir a’s tummy, but Vijay stops her. She stands crying while Mandira leaves. Mandira standing outside house thinks Bulbul was about to fall into her trap, but Vijay stopped her, why did not Vijay come yet…her last card is going waste.

Vijay angrily scolds doctor for lying and says he will file case against her and get her license canceled. Bulbul runs out searching Mandira. Vijay stops her and says he will not let her get Mandira back, Mandira tried to kill her and will ruin her life. Bulbul continues crying her child. Vijay says they have to bear this pain, he will not let Mandira back in this house.

Mandira returns to his parent’s house and informs that she is pregnant and tells them whole story. She tells baba that he should be happy that he is becoming grandfather. Baba slaps her and says it is better he would killed her when she was born and orders Malkayin to get her child aborted. Mandira stands remembering how Vijay kicked her out of house and shouted he will not accept her child.

Bulbul cries thinking of baby. Vijay enters and tries to console her. She makes him his speech for his would be baby. He says he will bring their child, but not Mandira and will find out some way.

Precap: Bulbul barges into Mandira’s house to meet her. Baba’s bodyguards surround her. She points gun at baba.

Update Credit to: MA

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