Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul calls Vijay and reminiscing Mandira trying to kill her tells Vijay that he has to continue acting as if nothing happened and continue to act good with Mandira. Vijay agrees. Mandira calls Yug and asks him to give her original chip if he wants his money. Yug agrees. Mandira says once she gets chip, she will kill Bulbul. Yug says he already is in trouble and cannot help her further. Mandira says she does not need his help, he should just wait and watch what she will do.

Mandira serves breakfast for Vijay, says she is going for picnic with Vijay and asks to pack food items for them. Vasu sits tensely. Gayatri scolds what she is thinking. Bulbul brings bag and says she packed everything. Mandira says if she needs servant’s job after leaving this house, she will refer her name, she can accompany her and Vijay and serve them food while they enjoy. She then asks to pack knife also and says how will she cut fruit then. Vijay thinks Mandira is up to something. Bulbul goes to kitchen and injures her fingers while picking knife. Sadhna asks to be careful. Bulbul returns with knife. Mandira comments be careful, whoever has to go will go on time. Vasu prays god to protect chachu and chachi from Mandira.

Mandira with Vijay and Bulbul drives car to mountin cliff with lake in bottom. Vijay thinks why did Mandira bring him here. Yug watches from a distance hiding. Mandira asks Vijay why he is not haappy, nobody will disturb them. Bulbul cuts apples for them. Mandira thinks she has to execute plan’s next move and asks Bulbul to leave Vijay and her alone, go and roam around. Bulbul leaves. She stops Bulbul and asks to cut fresh apple as it is spoiling. Vijaay fumes and thinks he cannot let Mandira insult Bulbul and knows how to shut Mandira. He hums song. Mandira thinks she wanted this for her successful plan and acts that she did not bring Vijay’s medicine. Vijay walks towards her singing. Mandira shows knife. Vijay snatches knife and continues singing, frightens that she troubled him and his family a lot, he will kill her. Mandira pushes Bulbul in front and provokes him to kill her. Vijay stands shocked and thinks Mandira turned whole situation. Bulbul pleads Vijay not to listen to Mandira. Mandira thinks she is using situation in her favor and holding Vijay’s haand stabs Bulbul. Bulbul shouts vijay…. Vijay stands more shocked. Yug watches them hiding.

Precap: No precap.

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