Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Is Proud Of Agastya

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini informs Prabhath that she had gone to seek help from Pankaj. He knew she has only a mother and misused her. She fell in his love and submitted herself to him, later she came to know he is already married and resisted, he punished her and locked her in a room. She is pregnant with his child. Prabhath says he thought Pankaj is a corrupt, but did not know he is a rogue, they should file police complaint. She says she will be defamed if they go to police. Prabhath agrees and says he will not inform anyone. Sadhana comes and asks what are they talking about. Prabhath says nothing. Ragini greets her and leaves. Sadhana asks when will this girl go, she feels this girl will bring trouble to them. Sister yells he is worried about stranger girl, but not Vijay, Vijay has not returned

home since 2 days. Prabhath says he will return when he wants to.

Pankaj asks Vijay will he help him find Ragini Jain or not. Inspector comes and says Pankaj that he needs to talk personally. Pankaj says Vijay is his brother and inspector can speak in front of him. Inspector says Ragini is a big nuisance, she traps right people and loots them, tells Vijay that Raghav and Pankaj told he solves their cases which police cannot, so if he can find Ragini. Pankaj says Vijayhe does not have to if he does not want wish to. Vijay says he will find out Ragini.

Vijay sends Ragini’s photo to his friends and asks to find her out soon. Friend says he has seen this girl somewhere, but does not remember. Vijay gets a call that Agastya is selected in Ranchi tournament. He rushes to Agastya and roams in whole village lifting Agastya. He informs all villagers loudly that his brother will soon play for India and orders friends to distribute laddoos to everyone. Prabhath with family comes out and praises Agastya that he is pride of family and not like waste bodies, pointing at Vijay. Vijay feels sad. Prabhath takes Agastya in, hoping Vijay will stop him. Sadhna tells him that Vijay and Angad are standing out. Prabhath asks what he should do. Vijay says he returned money. Prabhath asks why he took 1 day to return. Sadhna says he returned money, that is important. Prabhath asks him to come and have food. Family bonding continues. Sister taunts if they had those 15 lakhs, they would have thrown pary for Agastya. Vijay says he will throw party tonight and asks Sadhna to get ready for shopping.

Vijay takes Sadhna for shopping and clashes with Mandira. She smiles at him, but he leaves without looking at her. Friend says he did not even look back. Mandira says how can he go after stealing her heart. Vijay goes to restaurant. Mandira orders lassi and comes in front of him. He says he does not want to talk to her after she insulted him. She says she wants to befriend him seeing his true heart. He says he fell for her at fight sight and loves her. She asks her to slow down. He says he did not speak to a girl before her and truly loves her. She asks to tell more about him. Sadhna comes and tells she will tell about Vijay, he is still a kid, she can tell more. Vijay asks her to go, he will show lake to Mandira and return home. Sadhna asks to return home soon and leaves. Vijay reaches home and sees a girl passing by, asks Sadhna who is she. She says Prabhath’s guest, she will tell story later. Drama continues.

Precap: Vijay and Mandira dance on Main Bani Teri Radha song during party. Ragini hides her face from police. Sister tells Sadhna that Ragini must have done something wrong, so she is hiding her face. Vijay calls Ragini and she turns, he is shocked to see her face.

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