Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananth Tests Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth asks Sadhna if she knew about Vijay and Mandira from before. She stands nervously. He asks Gayatri, Angad, Vasu next and asks why they all hid this fact, he would have walked away from their lives. He gets many calls from producers with new story each day, he is thinking of making movie on their story itself, he already has characters ready. Gayatri says Vijay and Mandira’s story started long before he entered into picture, but it is good now he got love of his life Mandira. Ananth says she is right and they should celebrate. He picks water glass and strikes with Vijay’s glass. Glass breaks. Vijay worriedly asks if he is fine. Bulbul tries to clean. Ananth says it is his mistake and he will clean it. He then asks Vijay why are Prabath’s murderers not caught yet even after 1 year, if he got too busy in family and political issues. Vijay reminisces Prabath’s murder and says he has not forgotton anything, he is just waiting for right opportunity. Sadhna walks in crying. Bulbul thinks what Ananth is up to.

After dinner, Vijay gets busy on phone and scolds his party workers. Ananth silently drops water on seat next to him and when Mandira tries to sit asks her to sit next to Vijay. Bulbul serves coffee to Ananth who drops it by mistake and insists Mandira to prepare coffee for him, asks Vijay he must have enjoyed Mandira’s coffee a lot. Mandira walks into kitchen and stands thinking keeping empty utensil on stove. Bulbul walks in taunts that utensil is empty and burnt, she should use new utensil and also start a new life. Mandira yells if she did not see howmuch Ananth loves her. Bulbul says she saw everything. Mandira continues yelling at Bulbul and trying to prove her point.

Ananth travels with Mandira and asks if she loves him. Mandira nervously says yes. Ananth says he can die for her, if she can die for him. Mandira nervously says yes. Ananth stops car and standing in the middle of road says he can die for her, can she. A car comes speeding. Mandira closes her eyes and shouts Ananth ji. Car stops right in front of Ananth and driver shouts if he has gone mad. Ananth says it is her turn now. Mandira stands tensely and hopes Ananth saves her. Just when car is about to hit her, Ananth pulls her away.

Precap: Vijay tells Angad that he has made all arrangements for Prabath’s 1st death anniversary. Angad says Prabath was his father and he will make arrangements. Vijay says Prabhath was like his father. Angad says was like father, not real father.

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