Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Tricks Vijay To Cancel Swayamvar

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug sees his phone in Angad’s hand and says he was searching his phone. Angad asks if it is his phone, they found it on phone. Yug thanks Angad and leaves with phone. Bulbul thinks whose help to take now to find out about Yug. Vijay hears her and thinks why she wants to know about Yug. Bulbul then sadly informs BD that whatever she tries to lure Vijay, Mandira will hover around Vijay and will not go out of their lives. BD consoles her. Vijay gets ready for office. Angad says let us go. Vijay says he will go alone today, Angad should find out Yug’s details. Yug thinks why Chachi and now Chachu wants to know about Yug, says he will and leaves.

Mandira waits for Avinash at a restaurant. BD and Bulbul watch siting at a nearby table. Mandira calls Bulbul. Bulbul gets tensed. BD asks her to go aside and speak. Bulbul picks call. Mandira says today is very lucky for Bulbul. Bulbul says Mandira is meeting a boy for alliance, not her. Mandira says Vijay was \asking her repeatedly where she is meeting boy, she is sure he will come there. Bulbul disconnects call and joins BD back. Avinash comes. Mandira looking at door asks him if he has kissed any girl. He nervously says no as his love was one-sided always. Mandira taunts him. He kisses her hand. She says she means cheek, looking at door eagerly for Vijay. Avinash gets up and leans to kiss her cheek when Vijay enters and stops Avinash. BD sees him and says Bulbul let us go from here. Avinash says Mandira told him to kiss her. Mandira acts and starts crying. Vijay trashes Avinash. BD drags Bulbul from there while she sees Manmdira hugging Vijay. Vijay asks Mandira why did she call him here. She says she feels safe if he is around.

Bulbul returns home in auto with BD reminiscing Mandira hugging Vijay repeatedly and trying to lure him. She enters home. Gayatri’s drama starts. BD scolds her not to trouble Bulbul. Vijay enters holding Mandira. Mandira walks in tighly hugging Vijay and smirks at Bulbul. Vijay makes her sit on sofa. BD asks what happened to her. Vijay says if she was in hotel, she would have seen what Avinash was trying to do, he was kissing Mandira forcefully. Gayatri shouts kiss. Vijay says BD’s swayamvar idea was wrong, he will not force Mandira for swayamwvar now. BD starts acting and says he considered Mandira as daughter and organized swayamvar, she ordered Mandira to meet Avinash at home as per family rituals, but she ignored her and Vijay supported Mandira, so this was obvious. She cries that Mandira does not respect her at all. Mandira says she will do whatever BD says. BD gets happy but continues acting. Mandira thinks let BD fix her marriage with anybody, she willy marry only Vijay and imagines marrying him.

In room, Vijay sees Bulbul taking her bedsheet and pillow from room and thinks she made mistake and is angry on him instead. Bulbul walks to BD’s room. BD consoles her and says she cannot accept defeat. Bulbul says she sees losing Vijay. BD says Mandira’s plan will not work, she need not worry.. Their discussion continues..

Precap: No precap.

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