Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pankaj Hatches A Plan

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay meets Pankaj. Pankaj gives him a bag. Vijay asks what is it. Raghav says 15 lakhs. Pankaj says it is for election campaigning as advance and he need not show calculation. Vijay gets emotional. Vijay gets emotional and says he can give his life. Pankaj says he is his brother and asks Raghav to click their pic and fix a big photoframe in his office. Vijay leaves. Pankaj says he will use brother against brother. Raghav says Vijay is token of his success.

Prabhath meets Guruji and says he has decided not to fight election. Guruji asks if he got afraid. Prabhath says he is worried about his family. Guruji says Govind was his friend and he lost life serving Kaushalpur’s people. He takes Prabhath to an armless artist who paints Prabhath’s image with his leg. He says this man lost his hands in mine accident, but he did not lose hope. Man says Prabhath is his hope and requests not to disappoint him. Prabhath then sees people chanting his name. Guruji hopes Prabhath changes his decision and stands in election.

Vijay with his friends fixes Pankaj’s posters in market. Mandira passes by with her friend. Vijay sees her and smiles. Romanic songs plays in the background. Mandira stops, but her friend drags her away. Vijay follows her and signs song romantically. He praises her beauty and says he did not see such a beautiful reality in life. Mandira smiles, but then reminisces her friend’s warning reminding her who she is and if she gets closer to Vijay, Viay will be killed. She scolds Vijay. They see a boy being rammed by a motorist and people beating him. Vijay runs and picks boy and runs towards car. Mandira drives car. They reach hospital. A man pleads Vijay that he paid bills, but hospital management is not returning his father’s dead body. Vijay angrily walks into medical director’s cabin and hears him ordering staff to loot patients to core and complete their target. He drags MD to morgue and warns if he wants to himself on dead bed. He warns to return man’s father’s deadbody and if he overcharges, he will destroy his hospital. MD agrees and releases dead body. Man thanks Vijay. Mandira returns home and watches romantic movie. Her friend asks if she is remembering Vijay so much. She says after seeing Vijay’s kindness, it is obvious.

Vijay returns home with gifts for family and shows 14,90,000 rs to his sister. Sister’s greedy eyes widen and she praises him. Vijay says this is Pankaj’s gift and more money is yet to come. Prabhath scolds Vijay and orders to return money first and then return home. Vijay leaves home. His friend and nephew cry seeing money and Nephew says they will lie Prabhath that they returned money, but keep it with themselves. Vijay scolds that Prabhath’s order is more important and he can forgo any wealth. He calls Raghav and informs that he wants to return Pankaj’s money as his brother does not want to. Raghav says Pankaj will come tomorrow. Pankaj asks Raghav to trap Vijay in something big and force him to do their work.

Precap: Vijay loses 15 lakhs and asks where is money. Nephew says money was in bag itself. Vijay says what will they tell Pankaj now.

Update Credit to: MA

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