Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yug Proposes Vasu, Bulbul Finds Out

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

BD calls prospective grooms to question them and asks to introduce themselves. Each one does jokergiri in their own style. One of them asks Mandira’s qualities. Gayatri says Mandira is cunning, wicked, cruel, wolf like, etc. BD asks them all to go and sit while Mandira comes to meet them. They all walk in. BD tells Bulbul that she is eager to send Mandira from this house. Mandira enters house in palanquin. Bulbul is shocked and thinks what Mandira is up to now, she did not want to marry earlier and now is eager. Mandira says BD that she is ready for swayamvar. BD says boys are eagerly waiting for her.

Boys meet Mandira one by one. BD with Bulbul watches CCTV footage on laptop.. Mandira questions boys where they would lie to go to honemyoon. They give weird answers. One of them asks why she wants to have swayamvar, she is from auspicious family. BD says this boy asked right question to Mandira. Mandira says only she has right to question, she is not interested in marriage and shouts at him to get out. BD says now Mandira is trapped and her drama will start now. BD gathers whole family in living room. Mandira nervously walks in and asks if she called her. BD says she wants her to complete a task and shows cow dung. Gayatri asks what will Mandira do with this cow dung. BD angrily says she will apply it on her face. Vijay tries to calm her and asks what is the issue. BD asks to question his wife. Bulbul says Mandira told boy that she does not want to marry and is not interested in this swayamvar drama. Mandira is shocked and thinks how does Bulbul know about this. BD says she considered Mandira as her daughter, this is what Mandira is giving in return. Vijay asks Mandira if she is joking, she wanted to marry and now denying. Mandira says she was judging boy and testing if he will leave her if they fight or he will leave her. Sadhna asks why did not she inform BD beforehand. BD thinks she has to handle situation, else CCTV’s secret will be out. Mandira asks how does she know about this. BD says that boy told everything before going. Mandira tells Vijay she wants to marry, but a right boy, asks Bulbul if she also agrees. BD signals VBulbul to say yes. She nods yes. Mandira looks at BD’s face.

Bulbul peels peas in kitchen thinking when will Mandira get out of her house. Mandira walks in. Bulbul gets tensed. Mandira says she liked her getting tensed and starts her verbal war. Bulbul challenges Mandira can continue her mind games, she will continue her truth.

Yug gives letter to Vasu and proposes her. Vasu sees I love you written in blood. Yug says he wrote it from his blood. He returns home and informs Mandira that he trapped Vasu in his love. Mandira asks to forget that and find out how did Bulbul and BD find out what she spoke to boy in closed room. Yug leaves.

Vasu excitedly looks at Yug’s blood note. Bulbul walks in calling her. She nervously hides in bathroom keeping letter on table. Letter falls on floor. Bulbul picks it and is shocked to see blood note. Vasu runs and snatches it. Bulbul says these kind of boys just trap girls and are not loyal. Vasu yells if she means Yug is disloyal. Bulbul says how much they know about Yug. Vasu warns her not to interfere and not defame her.

Precap: No precap.

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