Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Petrifies Mandira With His Split Personality

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay acting as getting his panic attack sings at Mandira and then shouts why this night is so dark. Mandira gets very afraid and says she get afraid when he behaves like this. Vijay says she should be afraid, if she thought she would kill him if he falls asleep. She asks why would she kill him. He warns her to sleep right there if she wants to be safe. She nods yes. He returns back to his bed and throws bedsheet and pillow on her. She sleeps on floor shivering. Vijay thinks Mandira is fit for this, if his family is sleeping on floor, evens Mandira will. Next morning, Mandira wakes up with backache. Vijay walks in and asks why she is sleeping on floor, what new drama is this. She says he forced him to sleep on floor. He asks when did he, he does not remember at all. She says she will go for a bathe. Vijay says okay. Bulbul knocks door. Vijay walks out and mimics Mandira. Bulbul laughs. Vijay says he does not like troubling a woman, but he is helpless. Bulbul says there is no other go and asks if he is ready for next plan. He says yes.

Mandira sits for breakfast holding her back. Vijay sits on chair and wishes her good morning smilingly. She replies. He asks if she prepared breakfast. She serves him breakfast. She hums a song. She gets afraid that he got panic attack again. Gayatri in store room stuffs breakfast and says they should eat well til they are in store room and Mandira kicks them out even from here. Bulbul serves her more paranthas. Mandira asks for coffee.

Vijay continues singing that he will have bhabhi’s prepared food and asks where is bhanbhi and familly. Mandira says they did not want to have breakfast, so they are in their rooms. Vijay shouts just a few days ago Prabath died and Mandira left bhabhi alone in room, go and bring them. Bulbul suggests Mandira to obey Vijay if she wants to see him well soon. Vijay shouts again to bring his family. Mandira rushes to store room and brings family. Vijay greets bhabhi and signs ek dusri se karte hain pyar hum aur rahenge tumari se sanskari he saat…He makes her sit and says he has decided to color each family member’s room according to their taste. Gayatri says they are sleeping in store room. Vijay smiles at Mandira and asks what is Gayatri didi telling. Bulbul says Gayatri did means they all have to sleep in store rooom if rooms are painted and signals Gaaytri an d others. Vasu smiles. Vijay asks Mandira if she prepared breakfast for his family or not. Mandira says yes. Vijay continues frightening Manmdira.

After sometime, Vijay tells Bulbul that they have to get memory chip from Mandira somehow. Bulbul says she must have given to Yug. Vijay says Mandira trusts only herself and uses people, he saw some bracelet in Mandira’s hand a few
days ago. Bulbul goes to Mandira and provokes her. Mandira tries to slap her. Bulbul holds her hand and takes bracelet form her hand silently and warns not to trouble Vijay. Mandira says she is not afraid of Vijay’s panic attack and if Bulbul wants, she can go near Vijay. Bulbul leaves smiling looking at bracelet. Mandira gets a call that someone is coming. She walks down laughing and tells Bulbul that she has solution to control Vijay’s madness and calls nurse.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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