Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Pretends To Harm Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul wakes up at night afraid hearing thunder and sees Vijay missing. She calls Vijay. She gets more afraid hearing Vijay humming sound. Vijay comes from behind and frightens her. She falls on bed shouting. He acts as karate artist and then signs he will strangulate her. She shouts. Bulbul hears her sound and rescues her. Vijay laughs and runs behind Mandira. Mandira runs to living room shouting for help. Whole family gathers. Gayatri asks why chudail is shouting. Mandiraa says Vijay wants to kill her and pleads someone save her. Bulbul tries to calm down Vijay. Mandira pushes Bulbul towards him. He strangulates her and thinks if he leaves her, Mandira willl get supciious. Family tries to free Bulbul. Vijay says this chudail has come to destroy his family, he will kill her. He hits Bulbul’s head to a pillar. Angad and Agastya drag him away. Vasu thinks Vijay is trying to act to not make Mandira suspicious, but may harm Bulbul. Angad and Agastya asks what was he doing. Vijay asks what. Mandira says he wanted to kill her. Angad says she pushed Bulbul and escaped. Vijay asks if he did it, he is confused, don’t know what is happened to him, walks to his room. Sadhan and Gayatri console Bulbul.

Mandira thinks Vijay’s condition is worsening, so she should give him tested and see if he is really ill or acting. Vijay picks sleeping pill and says he will sleep and not harm anyone. Mandira says doctor told he may have severe internal injuries, so they will get his CT scan, he should go and get ready. She thinks human can lie but not machines.

Sadhna applies medicines to Bulbul’s neck injury. Vijay tells Vasu that Bulbul’s injuries signify how much he loves her. Mandira calls hospital and book appointment in Vijay’s name. Bulbul walks to her room. Mandira warns to knock door and come in. Bulbul says she will accompany her as whom she will push if Vijay gets panic attack again. Mandira says she is there to take care of Vijay. Bulbul says she proved that nobody can love Vijay more than her.

Mandira then travels in car with Vijay and tries to brainwash him against Bulbul that Bulbul was badmouthing about him and she scolded her. She asks driver to take them to Dr. Rao’s clinic and says papa trust Dr. Rao and thinks now with CT scan, Vijay’s truth will be out. At home, Sadhna tells Bulbul that Mandira took Vijay to Dr. Sharma’s clinic. Bulbul reminisces Mandira calling Dr. Rao and thinks why she lied.

Vijay comes out of CT scan room and takes his clothes. Mandira insists lab technician to give Vijay’s report stat and not show it to anyone else before her. Vijay hears that and thinks he has to do something. He walks into changing room and sees Bulbul there and asks what is she doing. Bulbul says doctor is surprised that she did not get even a small laceration even after Vijay hit him so hard, its a big coincidence. Vijay says. She shows his injured hand and says he kept hand behind her head to protect him and got injured himself. He says nothing like that. She says she realized that he is alright. He asks her to go away. She says Mandira brought him here as she doubts him, she heard Mandira’s chat and came here beforehand. She says she knows he cannot harm her at all and was acting, what is his problem, he should tell her.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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