Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Shatters Learning She Cannot Conceive

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay while driving towards gynecologist’s clinic stops his car in signal and tells Bulbul he needs a baby girl. Bulbul says she needs baby boy. Vijay asks why not girl. Bulbul says she will bear child for 9 months, and he wants his wish fulfilled. Their argument continues. Bulbul sees woman selling baby doll and says it will be baby girl for sure as per god’s signal. Vijay busy doll. Bulbul asks to buy car also if baby boy is born. He boys both. They reach doc’s clinic. Doc takes Bulbul in for checkup.

At home, Gayatri argues with Angad and Agastya that a baby girl will be born and challenges she will get diamond earring if they fail. Gayatri asks not to get excited too early, it will take 9 months for baby to come on earth and says let us decorate house before Bulbul and Vijay return. Vijay and Bulbul walk in sadly and look at decorations. Family excitedly asks what did doc say, if it is baby girl or boy. Bulbul walks to her room holding doll. Sadhna senses Vijay’s tension and sends all youngsters in. She asks Vijay what happened. Vijay says Bulbul is not pregnant. Sadhna and Gayatri say so what, there is still a lot of time and they married only sometime ago. Vijay says doctor told Bulbul cannot conceive at all. They both stand shocked. Gayatri starts yelling it is someone’s sin that whole family will suffer. Sadhna shuts her mouth and consoles Vijay. Vijay says what Bulbul must be going through, he cannot face her.

Bulbul cries looking at doll and reminiscing doc’s words. Sadha walks in and consoles her. Bulbul cries she did some sin, that is why she cannot conceive. Sadhna says it is not her mistake and takes her for dinner forcefully. Bulbul sees Vijay missing. Gayatri says Vijay had some visitor, so he went. Sadhna asks her to stop and let Bulbul have food. Bulbul walks way and cries standing in balcony. Sadhna walks to her and says Vijay cannot face her, so he did not come in front of her. Vijay sadly sits on the other side feeling bad for Bulbul…

Precap: Sadhna takes Bulbul to Sadhvi who says Bulbul will conceive for sure and gives holy ash. Malkayin gets ash exchanged and thinks Bulbul will die soon.

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