Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Dadi Praises Bulbul And Agrees To Join her In Exposing Pankaj

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badki Daadi/BD sees Agastya/Mohini and saks if it is him. Bulbul and whole team panics and hides. Pankaj hears that and asks what did she speak. Bulbul pleads her from behind. Daadi says she called her child and scolds Pankaj to stay away from her. She walks towards Vijay and Agastya. They get tensed, but she passes them and holds a man’s ears and scolds if he cannot hear her. Pankaj asks what did she say. BD scolds him again and walks away looking at Vijay and team Mohini/Agastya again lures Pankaj and takes him along.

Vijay with team returns home. BD says her whole family is doing drama and she did not know about it. Gayatri says they hid this even from her. BD asks her also to stand in que and asks Gayatri to give them only curd rice for a day. Gayatri says Vijay that she does not want justice for Prabhath risking Vijay and other’s lives, so they should back off. BD asks whose idea was it. Mandira says everyone’s. BD says whole family takes care of child, but only 1 bears it, who is that. Mandira thinks of trapping Bulbul and garnering praises and says it is Bulbul. Daadi praises Bulbul and says she is also part of her plan now. They all take BD’s blessings.

Yug purposefully injures his toe and shouts in pain. Vasu rushes to him worried and applies bandage on his toe. Bulbul checks list given by Yug. Raghav calls Vijay/Akbar Allahbadi and says Pankaj is coming to meet Mohini in 30 minutes. Vijay nervously says it cannot happen. Pankaj says he is coming to party guest house in 30 minutes, and if Mohini does not come there, he will kill Akbar Allahbadi. Vijay agrees and tells Bulbul that he has kept party items in guest house. Bulbul asks to take it as opportunity and make arrangements with whole family. Whole family reaches and after cleaning guest house fixes cameras all around.

Pankaj reaches with Raghav and bodyguards. Akbar Allahbadi greets them and tries to entertain. Pankaj says he wants to see Mohini’s dance. Mohini walks down to Pankaj. Vijay thinks good if Pankaj opens up today itself.

Precap: Mohini tells Pankaj that he cannot kill anyone. Pankaj says he kille Vindhya pradesh’s famous social activist..

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