Saam Daam Dand Bhed 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi Feels Mohini Resembles Agastya

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay walks into Agastya’s makeup room. Agastya asks where is Bulbul. Vijay says she must be busy. Vasu informs Angad called and informed that Pankaj will be coming here anytime. Mandira says Bulbul’s presence is important for Agastya. Agastya says yes. Vijay says Bulbul would have come by now if she had to, Mandira will get Agastya ready. Mandira says, he need not worry, holding his shoulder. He realizes that and walks away. Bulbul walks towards door when Gayatri calls her, but BD shuts her mouth and drags her away. Bulbul gets into auto and reaches drama venue and gets tensed seeing BD and Gayatri following her. She messages Vasu that BD and Gayatri have come following her. Vijay walks out disguised as Akbar Allahbadi, Vasu stops him and informs that BD and Gayatri have come here behind Bulbul chachi.

Pankaj enters venue. Akbar Allahbadi/Vijay greets him and says he will make Pankaj see heaven today. Pankaj shouts what the hell is this. Vijay says he wants to chant shayari for Pankaj and chants it. Pankaj asks if he is insulting. Vijays ays it is his praise and takes him in. Agastya gets ready as Mohini, but hesitates to go on stage without Bulbul. Mandira goes on stage and sings Mai Diwani hogayi…song.. Audience shout to call Mohini. Bulbul walks in, Agastya gets happy seeing her and going on stage dances on Mai Diwani hogayii song… Bulbul and Mandira dance with him. Mohini dances around Pankaj and then returns on stage. BD and Gayatri walk in and get suspicious seeing Mohini’s face. Agastya sees the and runs away from stage and informs Bulbul and Mandira that BD and Gayatri have come here. Mandira yells if their plan fails, Bulbul should be blamed.

Pankaj goes out searching Mohini. BD and Gayatri come towards him. Vijay holds and turns Pankaj. Pankaj says he wants Mohini’s private dance at his house. Vijay says she will if he pays. He says he will pay only to Mohini and walks with him. BD tells Gayatri that Mohini looks like Agastya, they should check Mohini. Yug and Vasu misguide them and lock them in makeup room. Daadi delivers her usual dialogue that she fooled yamraj, this cloth tent is nothing, she will tear it with scissors and searches scissors. Vijay takes Pankaj to Mohini. Pankaj gives money to her, gets romantic and says if she does not dance in is private party, he will carry her away. Pankaj insists her to drop him till door. Vijay and Mohini/Agastya walk with Pankaj. Yug and Vasu inform Bulbul that they locked BD and Gayatri in makeup room. They all get tensed…

Precap: BD revals Pankaj that Mohini is Agastya..

Update Credit to: MA

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