Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul To Harm Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul confronts Baba’s sent midwife Sarla and asks how can she kill an unborn child being a midwife. Sarla says Bulbul will kill Mandira’s baby and not her, if she wants to save her husband. Bulbul tries to open door, but Sarla stops Bulbul and warns to dare not go out and sleep silently on bed. Bulbul says her family will doubt. Woman says she cannot go out. In the morning, Bulbul walks out to meet family. Woman stops her and warns to dare not to inform family, else she will lose her chance of getting back her husband. She gives medicine to feed Mandira and says once her work is done, she will get clue of her husband. Gayatri passes by and hearing that asks if Vijay’s clue is found. Woman says she was consoling Bulbul not to worry, her husband will return home soon. Gayatri asks Bulbul to get come down for breakfast.

Bulbul joins her family for breakfast, looking at Mandira’s tummy. Angad informs that Vijay did not reach to the village at all and some big shot must have kidnapped Vijay. Gayatri says she did not sleep in tension at all and had to take lots of multivitamin tablets. Vasu says without prescription, medicines are harmful. Gayatri panics and says she will go to doctor. Sadna says multivitamin tablets don’t have side effects. Gayatri relaxes. Sarla thinks she has to teach a lesson to Bulbul, calls Baba and tells Bulbul Vijay has called. Bulbul takes receiver. Baba speaks and asks her to do as he ordered her. She laughs and says he is coming in 2 days. Gayatri takes receiver and call disconnects. Bulbul acts as happy and crying both. Mandira gets suspicious. Vijay behind photo wall cries calling Bulbul and others.

Bulbul walks into Gayatri’s room and searches multivitamin tablet hurriedly, takes one and hides it. Sarla spies on her continuously. Mandira walks to her and asks what she is hiding and wants she wants to say. Bulbul scolds her to stop pestering her and gives her medicine. Sarla records video and sends it to Baba. Bulbul then walks out and throws tablet, turns and sees Sarla standing..

Precap: Bulbul over phone tells Baba that she cannot wait for long, she wants to know where Vijay is. She gets letter and rushes to a dark room, finds someone sitting there.

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