Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Tries To Prove Her Dominance Over Vijay’s Family

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul insists Vijay what had happened with Bulbul today. Vijay says she pesters him a lot and has lost right to question him as she is not his wife now. She says maybe he does not consider as wife, this family is hers and asks why was he shouting on Vasu so that Sadhna does not scold Vasu. Vijay says he was angry on Vasu. Bulbul says he forgot that he events out his anger silently. Vijay shouts it is none of her business and asks her to go away. Bulbul leaves sadly. Bulbul who hears their conversation silently hiding runs and hugs Vijay emotionally and asks Vijay why did not he inform Bulbul chachi. Vijay says he cannot tell it to anyone.

Vijay returns to his room. Mandira hugs him from behind and starts emotional drama that she cannot see Vasu’s condition, what if something had happened to her. Vijay warns to stop her drama as he knows Vasu is just a live insurance for her evil games and he is married to her until Vasu is safe, and if something happens to Vasu, she knows what will happen.

Mandira goes to kitchen and searches foot, sees whole kitchen empty. She sees box on cupboard and picks it. Wheat flour falls on her. She rushes to wash her floor and finds no water, then opens fridge to get waste and gets hit by a toy. She fumes that Vijay’s family has punished her and thinks she should show sher dominance over them now. Bulbul laughs informing family how she troubled Mandira. Vijay walks in and asks what is happening. Gayatri reverts back it is family enjoyment, which he has forgotten being with Mandira. Vijay leaves.

Next morning, Bulbul sees labors delivering items and asks what are these, they did not order anything. Labor says it is for Bulbul and gives her a letter. Bulbul reads Mandira’s letter to enjoy food today, from tomorrow she will be starving. She thinks what Mandira is up to now and leaves. Mandira unwraps royal chair and thinks her papa is not on top seat just like that, he rules the state, now she has to rule this house. Family sees all their rooms vacant and furniture missing. Gayatri yells thief stole everything, call police. Agastya says Mandira has done this. Bulbul shows Mandira’s note followed by all family members.

Family walks down and sees Mandira sitting on royal chair and warning family whoever are not on her side will suffer now, she has got one more special gift for them all, unwraps Vijay and his photo and says they are new owner of this house and their photo will be replaced with Prabhath’s. Gayatri warns she is crossing her limits. Sadhna pleads to spare Prabhath at least as he supported her a lot. Mandira says Prabhath will pay for his family’s mistake and orders workers to replace pics. Bulbul stops her and warns to dare not touch Prabhath’s pic. Mandira says she is Vijay’s wife now and will kick Bulbul out of house. Bulbul warns that she is Vijay’s first wife and Mandira’s marriage is illegal, she will call police and get her arrested if she dare tries her dirty games. Mandira stands shocked. Vijay watches from behind and smirks.

Precap: No precap.

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