Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Women Protestors Humiliate Vasu and Sadhna

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna closes door. Gayatri asks what is she doing. Sadhna says Vasu’s video must have reached whole city, they should not open door and anyone humiliate them. Gayatri says they are living in a society and cannot hide for long. Vasu cries in her room that she will leave this house to stop family being humiliated. Bulbul consoles her it is not her mistake. Vasu says maa will never forgive her. Sadhna say mother will always forgive child. She consoles Vasu and takes her down. In living room, Sadhna cries that Vasu spoilt family’s dignity. Gayatri yells Vasu did not even think about Prabhath’s dignity, a daughter should be more careful after father’s death. Bulbul takes Vasu down and tells it is not Vasu’s mistake, but Yug’s who betrayed her. Gayatri says they cannot hide in for long. Vasu cries and pleads for Sadhna’s forgiveness.

They hear door knock. Sadhna panics it must be mob trying to insult them. Gayatri opens door. Women protesters walk in chanting slogans against Vasu and Sadhna and yell Vasu did such a heinous act in Sadhna’s guidance. Bulbul warns them it is not Vasu’s mistake. They push Bulbul and Gayatri and drag Vasu and Sadhna away. They take them to village and tie them to a tree. Bulbul runs searching them and reaches venue. Women continue alleging and yellling Sadhna and Vasu, blacken their face and dorn them slipper garland. They both cry helplessly. Bulbul reaches there and warns women, but they catch her and continue alleging Vasu.

Vijay files police complaint against Mandira for leaking Vasu’s video and demands for her arrest. Inspector says he will investigate source of video and only then will take action. Vijay says law is equal for everyone, be it common man or CM’s daughter.

Women contnue their misbehavior and asks reporters to record Vasu’s face and display her in all news channels. Vijay reaches with police. Women yell his niece is a sinner and should be punished. Vijay asks if loving someone and marrying him is a sin, it is boy who is a sinner instead, they broke law and will get them arrested. Women yell if he will arrest them all. Vijay takes family home. At home, Sadhna continues alleging Vasu that she spoilt family’s dignity and people will laugh looking at Prabhath’s daughter’s video. Vasu runs to her room crying. Sadhna asks Vijay to put slipper garland on Prabhath’s photo. Bulbul explains Sadhna that she should be a pillar of support for Vasu in this tough time, etc..

Precap: Vijay gets Mandira arrests. Vasu leaves a message to Bulbul not not search her and leaves home.

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